Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Meet our 12 Fantasy Housemates!
Here are our 12 fantasy housemates, in alphabetical order:
ANNA MARIE 44, single, Pangasinan, sales conselor/single mom
"*'m * f*ll bl**d*d G*D F**R*NG f*l*p*n*, * s*ngl* m*m t* *n 8yr.*ld b*y wh*m *'m s* f*nd *f *nd l*v* s* d**rly. * sp*nd my t*m* *f th* *cc*ss**n c*lls f*r *t **td**rs w*th fr**nds *r w*th my d**r *n*s... *'m *ls* v*ry f*m*ly *r**nt*d. * h*v* * gr**t z*st *nd p*ss**n f*r l*f*, * h*ghly *nd*p*nd*nt p*rs*n *nd l*v*s *nt*ll*ct**l c*nv*rs*t**ns. *ls* th* *pt*m*st*c typ*, * d*n't **s*ly g*v* my th*mbs d*wn t* th* fl*ws *f l*f*. Th*y s*y *'m c*nd*d, str**ghtf*rw*rd, b*bbly, *nd th* l*f* *f th* p*rty. * l*v* *ny k*nd *f c*nv*rs*t**n *nd * v*ry g**d l*st*n*r. V*ry symp*th*t*c *nd *lw*ys * r**dy sh**ld*r t* cry *nd l**n *n. *'m v*ry s*nc*r* *nd b*l**v*s *n F*R K**PS!" more

BRYAN 23, single, Manila, party animal/fashionista

"I feel bad when people take the time and effort (hell yes) to introduce themselves (and other people) but when it gets done faster than the time it takes for your average coke w-h-o-r-e snorting a bloody thick line, sometimes, just sometimes, I'd rather just freeze the moment, hand out candy and whip out my little red Smythson book to write down names. So the next time I see you and vice-versa, please don't be offended if I ask what's your name again in the event that we say our next HIs and Hellos. Despite the fact that, chances are, we've probably seen each other many, many, many times" more

ESTI 22, single, Laguna, UP graduate/programmer

"i am a happy person because i choose to be. i carry my own weather with me so the rain won't stop me from enjoying my day. i enjoy the company of my close friends, even if we don't do anything worthwhile. (and they don't own their own companies) serious whenever the situation calls for me to be serious and most of the time a practical joker who likes to have a hearty, deep laugh every once in a while. my greatest joy is to see people whom you've at one point been a "mentor" to or a "guide" in his/here life suddenly transformed into what i saw them to be. i choose to be happy because i can choose. nangengelam!" more

GLADYS RUTH 18, single, Surigao del Sur, college student/kikay

"Im cute, friendly, jolly,nice to be with, trusthworthy, lovable, understanding, cheerful, always wearing smile every where i go: Physically im tall, fair complexion:" more

IRISH 23, single, General Santos City, accountant/krung-krung

"im beautiful inside out!joke3..simple!i am sometimes moody but has a full sense of humor!..i am serious but funny..i am ambitious yet humble...i have a strong personality in a fragile frame...i don't easily cry but i don't think i'm hard..i am not romantic but i am sweet..i think like a woman but i am still a girl...i believe in dreams coming true..!i think success is a choice and not by mere's not a matter of swerty swerty, it's a matter of sweaty sweaty..this world is tough and so i have to dance with it...i believe God has plans for me and i do fully trust in Him.nobody is perfect in this imperfect world....but LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL AND SO AM I!....(LOL) : )keep smilin!......" more

JAKE 18, single, Las Pinas, college student/boy next door

"I'm 5'10 Neat freak... Vain... Open-minded... Weird.. Sensitive... Realist... Sophisticated... Likes pasta... Likes to take pictures of himself.... Likes KFC... Likes pizza... Likes caffeine... Likes to laugh all day... Likes to do naughty things... Likes to follow his own rulez... Loves being himself! These are some of the things that i know about myself.. i still have to figure out the other things in my life worth telling..." more

JAY 33, married, Masbate, employee/dad

"wla me masabi sa knya kundi super bait at maaasahan mo cya lagi,,,,frend salamat sa lhat ng 2long mo d ko po un maka2limutan,,, lalo na nung hirap ako sa kalagayan ko halos ikaw na gumagawa sa work ko kya love ko i2 as kaibigan lang po,,,,,bossing jojo kaibigan lang po un,,,,,,,,love ko nman lahat kau d lang po c jay kya wag ka ng magicip ng iba,,,,jay sana d u magbago ingat ka lagi at alagaan mo mabuti si wackie,,,god bles " - Nikki (his friend) more

KIKO 54, married, Manila, retired businessman/dad

"I was born free to live, love hard, play hard and pray to the God in heaven. Free to laugh at least once a day to stimulate my arteries. For time is what I spend, what I dispense so freely that eventually all that is left is Eternity. Somebody is born, somebody dies, somebody marries ...that's immortality!"

NEIL 24, single, Cebu, visual mechandizer/mr. suave

"probably d most likable person in the world. i usually get an impression of being so serious bt den u'l know im completely d opposite once i start talking coz id make it sure dat ud never gonna stop laughing. hehe. i luv 2 party and get drunk w/ frends though ul find me mor often at d coffee shop and ayala food choices (where i hav lunch & dinner everyday). only a few got to discover d darker side of me (ooohhh) and id be willing enough to show u things... things dat wud make u go gaga over me...hehe... so add me up now!"


RETCHEL 20, single, Bataan, nursing student/hopeless romantic

"I am demanding at makulit, bawasan daw ang masydong palaban, mahilig matulog, numero unong ulyanin, trademark ko na ang dementia ko.. lalo na sa names.. bilang sa daliri ang kilala ko at maaalala kong kilala ko.., maarte sa food.. di ako mapapakain ng fish.., mahilig maglagalag sa ukay ukay, tga gulo lng dun, di nmn namimili.., sacred place ko ang room ko, khit na minsan parang dinaanan ng bagyo, at puro papel lng ang nakahiga sa kama ko, ok lang.. basta sacred place ko yun lang pakialamanan.., ala akong favorites.. kng anong meron un na yun! sentimental numero uno! mahilig magnet before, pero tulog nlng ako now..., certified hopeless romantic.. as usual.., im not a jealous person, but sometimes can be. Occasionally, i over-react to situations. Most of the time, i trust the people around." more

ROYALIE 27, single, Cagayan de Oro, beautician/probinsyana

"me,mabait ako sa taong mabait dn sa akn,im simple, mahilig akong man lipstik, mawala man ang lahat hwag lang ang lipstik k,kayumanggi ang kulay k, long hair,in short pangit... basta kayo na ang bahala mag judge.thanks" more

SHEILA 32, married, Bacolod, teacher/online chatter

"I am simple,l ove 2 chat, adventrous, sentimental, sweet, loyal, fun to be with, hopelessly romantic… and LOVING PAOLO EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY...."