Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You are reading the escapades of our Fantasy Housemates
FHs have played PBBFG for: 100 days

For 100 days, complete strangers network to play as Virtual Housemates (VHs) and to form a small community online. VHs' activities, online journals, Friendster accounts, blogs, personal websites etc. will be monitored by BigBad Kuya (BBK). VHs' activities will be posted in this blog, the game's Virtual House (vHouse). Anyone can visit vHouse/read PBBFG blog. Readers/visitors may leave comments on the VHs and on the game however VHs cannot reply on them, discuss the issues among themselves or justify their actions.

VHs and BBK communicate mainly through the Internet. All information and matters discussed during the game can be used in the game. The nomination process evicts people from the vHouse.

Big Winner - Runner Up - Quit - Evicted

Last words from NEIL TG, the Big Winner

Dear BBK,

I do hope that this would be the last entry to our virtual house blog, sealing the commitments and human relationships forged within.

Now, I ask permission to my collaborators and friends Neil G and Trish to have some of the transcripts made public by turning them over to BBK:


oo medyo mahirap isipin kung ano talaga ang gusto ni bbk minsan... kalimitan nga... mag iisip ka kung anong gusto nyang mangyari. as i saw it it seemed that the simultaneous evictions were to be treated as individual cases like in the final round we are asked to vote actually. it proved that it's the logic of bbk.

if u would recall on how we exchanged messages like our main goal is to keep the core coherent... the three of us til the end...WE DID THIS! THE THREE OF US.


With Neil G: NOW FOR US ...THE GREATER THING, AFTER honoring the commitments of CORE WE FURTHER EXTENDED OUR COALITION... WE HAD A BILATERAL AGREEMENT. WE CONFIRMED TO EACH OTHER THAT WE STICK IT TO THE LAST TWO... which honestly in my opinion YOU should have been the ultimate winner...MY JUSTIFICATION WOULD BE THAT YOU CARRIED IT OUT SINCE THE FIRST DAY... YOUR CONSISTENCY SHOULD BE REWARDED... AND HONESTLY since my FIRST ENCOUNTER with this VIRTUAL GAME, YOU WERE MY BET FROM THE BEGINNING... i was your supporter way before i became officially part of this... my connection with BBK is that we talked in the fora in the real PBB, and from this time to the last i sticked it out with my personal bet. THIS IS ANOTHER TRIUMPH OF HUMAN RELATIONS.

To all people of the virtual house: NEVER I THOUGHT THAT OUR PATHS WOULD CROSS IN A TANGENT OF INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. It is my pleasure sharing interactions, wits and candor with you.

More revelations: Initially the CORE was agreed upon myself, INAN and TRISH, with inan as the chief engineer. =D. Inan, bro, if you could have continued the game certainly would have a different outcome to unfortunate you cant be with us til the end. Thanks BRO for all the support, and all the best for u on your personal endeavors.

THIS PART OF TEXT ORIGINALLY FOR TRISH, i included this as part to dissect BBKs logic): may weakness ang rule ni bbk which did not elaborate regarding the self-elimination which u did...which is truly sacrificial, motherly instincts.DEBATEABLE ISSUE: SHOULD BBK CONSIDER YOUR SELF ELIMINATION AS AN INVALID VOTE? FROM THE BEGINNING, DURING VOTE-OFFS WE WERE NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE FOR OURSELVES. so in the tally for the third to the last to go, you SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN RIGHTLY DECLARED AS A PERSON WHO QUIT BUT MERELY AN INDIVIDUAL WHO HAD INVALID VOTES, for the third round ( o dunno if this makes sense). BBK, THE HEADLINE SHOULD HAVE BEEN (in my opinion): TRISHs VOTES IN THE THIRD ROUND INVALID DUE TO SELF-ELIMINATION"


Lasty, allow me to publicly say my appreciation who made my stay in the virtual house worth inching-out my way for.NEIL G, TRISH, ATE SHIELA, MICA, INAN, JOPAX, RETCHEL and BBKs alter-ego. Also to the other casts and members of this virtual house. GRATIS. May the grace of the LORD be with us always. til then and cu soon. hehehe.SINCERELY,NEIL TG (still a reluctant virtual winner)


NEIL TG of Calamba City wins PBBFG!!!
NEIL G of Cebu City takes the second place.

The Final VOTE - Neil TG gets the maximum of 3 votes to win.
NEIL G votes for Neil TG, "neil tg (in case u require it)"
NEIL TG votes for Neil G, "TO WIN: NEIL G!!!!!!")
(Evicted TRISH votes for Neil TG, "My winner is Neil-TG")

TRISH - 4th to the last eviction:i evict SHEILA and i save NEIL-G3rd to the Last Eviction:i evict Myself and i would like to save Neil-G2nd to the Last Eviction:i evict Neil-G and i would like to save Neil-TG My winner is Neil-TG

"Kuya, i have an idea.... what if you could also ask the old housemates to vote for their favorite VPBB..... they should rank the top 4 remaining Housemates.... tulad nung sa PBB.... wala lang po, just thought of the idea..... katuwaan lang.. sana nga lang po everybody will participate.... what do u think po about the idea??"

NEIL G - to vote out to save4th place sheila neil tg3rd place trish neil tg2nd place neil tg neil g(ang question kasi if i wer not voted out, hu do i vote out, ryt?.....meaning another person... kaya nga tinanong kita. it doesnt matter naman. i know neil tg wud win. i also support him.)1st place neil g (evry1's out!)neil tg (in case u require it)

"Why are there 4 evictions when there are only 4 of us? The 2nd to the last eviction should be the last eviction!To sight an example, bbk.... Let's say one got eliminated on the 4th to the last eviction. Then there are three left, right?On the 3rd to the last eviction, another got eliminated. Then there are two left, right?On the 2nd to the last eviction, another person gets eliminated....... which means there's only one left....... Then why would there be a last eviction after the 2nd to the last eviction WHEN AFTER THE 2ND TO THE LAST EVICTION, THE ULTIMATE WINNER IS ALREADY REVEALED, RIGHT?THE 2ND TO THE LAST EVICTION SHOULD THEREFORE BE THE LAST EVICTION.THERE SHOULD BE 3 EVICTIONS ONLY!"

NEIL TG - 4th to the last eviction - name 1 FH you want to > evict and 1 you want to save?TO VOTE OUT : SHIELATO SAVE: NEIL G> 3rd to the last eviction - (in case you are not > evicted in the last eviction) who would you evict and > save?TO VOTE OUT: TRISHTO SAVE: NEIL G> > 2nd to the last eviction - (in case you are not > evicted in the last eviction) who would you evict and save?TO VOTE OUT: TRISHTO SAVE: NEIL G> > last eviction - (in case you are not evicted in the > last eviction) who would you evict?TO WIN: NEIL G!!!!!!

SHEILA - 4th to the last eviction - name 1 FH you want to > evict and 1 you want to save?> NEIL TG TO SAVE AND TRISH TO EVICT> 3rd to the last eviction - (in case you are not > evicted in the last eviction) who would you evict and > save?> NEIL G TO SAVE AND TRISH TO EVICT> 2nd to the last eviction - (in case you are not > evicted in the last eviction) who would you evict and > save?> NEIL TG TO SAVE AND NEIL G TO EVICT> last eviction - (in case you are not evicted in the > last eviction) who would you evict?> NEIL TG TO SAVE AND TRISH TO EVICT

i really wanted you 2, to be the top 2! - TRISH

neil-G's right i didn't quit.... i just answered your question.... natanggal na nga si SHEILA diba? so, cnu pa ang ivo-vote out ko? I wanted neil-tg to win and i also wanted to save neil-g, that's why i voted for myself... i want to be true to myself kaya ko yun ginawa.... wala kasi akong sama ng loob kahit knino man sa mga housemates ko that's why i voted myself..... pero di naman cguro tama na u decided na ang ilagay mo sa site mo na "I QUITTed! because i dont! y would i quit? kahit na sa last 2 weeks ng game na ito eh wala na kming ginawang task kung hindi mag evict ng mag evict eh i still enjoyed staying here! Tapos sa isang question lang na sinagot ko, eh mag quiquit ako? I think that's not fair! Dapat nga yung sa last 4 na natirang housemates eh yung mga old housemates manggagaling yung mga votes eh hindi sa amin! And one more thing..... how can an evicted person vote for the remaining housemate? Eh diba evicted na nga sya? BigBadKUYA, wala naman pong personalan.... this is just a game kaya sana po, be fair enough naman po.....

to Neil-g.... thanks for the concern buddy! Pero may sadyang ganyang klaseng mga tao talaga.... They're not TRUE to themselves.... up to the extent na magvovote sila ng tao para to get even with the person who voted them first..... well, expected ko na
yan, from the time pa na i voted SHEILA instead of MICA, why would i vote for MICA kung sa totoo namang sya ang laging kumaka-usap sa akin kahit hindi online? Ayoko namang dayain ang sarili ko diba? Id rather vote for the person whom i wanted to
vote right? Kasi kung may personalan lang eh bakit hindi na lang kayo ni neil-tg ang binoto ko sa mga last evictions diba? kasi we really seldom talk diba? Kaya lang hindi eh, kasi wala talagang personalan....

to Ate Sheila.... Sana ate wala pong samaan ng loob, i did texted you the time i read about the double eviction.... i asked you if you're mad at me, but no response until now.... i texted neil-tg, and asked him if you were mad at me, pero he told me to instead ask u the question, but how could i know it if until now u haven't answered my text yet? I know u're really hurt ate, pero diba kayo naman ang nagsabi na this is just a GAME? so, sana naman po walang personalan..... lahat naman po tayo mae-evict eh, the difference is may kanya-kanya lang tayong oras... I have nothing against you.... kaya nga ako nag text sayo nun kasi i want to ask for ur giveness... Kasi di ako tanga na hindi ko makita na sobra yung galit mo sa akin kasi even the 2 neils eh vinote out ka sa 4th to d last eviction, pero you NEVER voted them.... ako
lang ng ako! well, dats fine with me unless naging totoo ka lang sa sarili mo and wala kang galit sa akin! Kaya kong tanggapin yun.... kasi accding to u this is just a game! so, sana since ikaw yung pinaka eldest among us, alam mo kung ano itong mga
pinagsasabi ko dito..... well, anyway, ate... thanks for the time u let me know you! And may god Bless you!

to neil-tg... hi buddy! thx for everything! Talangang hanggang dito na lang ako.... TANGGAP ko na ito.... diba from the start pa lang you know na whom am i going to vote and save? well, goodluck tlga! ayan na ito na ang pinaka aantay natin! I voted for myself just to save neil-g and you.... for you both make it to the top 2! i really wanted you 2, to be the top 2! Pero I would rather pick you to be the WINNER! You really DESERVED it! Bod Bless and Thanks for everything! Hope to talk to you soon!

to MICA..... sis, wala na akong magawa! Ginawa ko na ang lahat! Diba you know naman na from the start pa lang kung sino na talaga ang i-vovote out ko? well, sa kanilang lahat halos tayong 2 lang yung parating magkausap... thru text man yan or online....
alam mong hindi ako naging makasarili....ikaw lang ang nakaka-alam kung sino talaga ako diba? im very thankful, pa rin

Trish did not quit! - NEIL G

I think wat she meant by voting herself out was dat she had no choice but 2 vote her self out bcoz she ran out of an FH to vote out.

dat was d exact reason y i voted 4 neil tg instead of myself on d 2nd to d last eviction bcoz voting my self out is non sense. i wud hav wanted 2 save neil tg coz i beliv he deserves 2 win.

so u mean dat if i voted myself out on d 2nd to d last eviction... u wud hav considered it as quitting? huh?

... y wud som1 quit on d 99th day? trish may hav voted herself out but it did not mean she quitted! it feels bad bcoz she voted herself out instead of me lyk a true frend wud do 2 a frend....

i totally disagree wid ur assumption of it as QUITTING.

isipin mo nang ako ang pinakamareklamo sa lahat ng mga housemates bt u knw dat i only react wen i see somthng wrong, ryt? it's unfair, bbk.

.................................. oo nga at navote out pa rin c trish sa eviction na yun but nasan na ang dignity.... d sacrifice she gave 4 som1 else?

pakirestate naman ng binigay mong judgement kay trish......


thank u.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Simultaneous Eviction

For the 4th-to-the-last-Eviction, BBK asked the four remaining FHs to vote out and save 1 FH. Then, every FH was asked to vote out and save 1 FH for the 3rd-to-the-last-Eviction (if ever he/she is not evicted). Each FH was also asked to vote out and save 1 FH (one of the 3 evictees-2nd-to-the-last-evictee included), for the 2nd-to-the-last-Eviction (if ever he/she makes it in the Final Two.) However, ALL FHs were still asked who would they vote out and save for the Final Eviction (if they are not evicted)...

4th to the Final Eviction - Sheila gets 3 votes. She is evicted!
NEIL G evicts Sheila and saves Neil TG
NEIL TG evicts Sheila and saves Neil G
SHEILA evicts Trish and saves Neil TG
TRISH evicts Sheila and saves Neil G

3rd to the Final Eviction - Trish quits/is evited!
NEIL G evicts Trish and saves Neil TG
NEIL TG evicts Trish and saves Neil G
TRISH quits! "I evict Myself and i would like to save Neil-G"
(Evicted SHEILA evicts Trish and saves NEIL G)

2nd to the Final Eviction - Neil TG gets 1 vote. He is evicted!
NEIL G evicts Neil TG, "neil g"
NEIL TG evicts Trish, "TO SAVE: NEIL G"
(Evicted TRISH evicts Neil G, "would like to save Neil-TG")
(Evicted SHEILA evicts Trish, "NEIL TG TO SAVE")

... however, Neil TG returns after he is saved by TRISH and SHEILA.

With only NEIL G and NEIL TG left in PBBFG, who will win the game? Find out TOMMOROW.

Monday, January 09, 2006

A Hundred Days in FPBB

It never crossed my mind at all that this games gonna be over soon. In fact, Im beginning to miss everyone who had been part of the PinoyBigBrotherFanstasyGame

So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being really nice and for somehow filling the emptiness inside me especially during the days when I was so down. You guys came to my life just in time when I needed comfort and someone to talk to.

To Neil TG, thank you for all your advice and thank you for being a brother to me. You have no idea how much you have helped in keeping my self in tact.

To Trish, the sweetest girl in town, I just want you to know that you have inspired me in one way or another. You and Neil TG were my closest friends in FPBB. Thank you.

To Sheila, congratulations! Weve made it from Day 00 to Day 100. You are such a strong woman and I admire you for that.

To Inan, though youve left FPBB early, dude, thanks for being there and for making me smile (or should I say laugh)

To BigBadKuya, youre really BAD! Hehehe. Seriously, I never regret accepting your invitation. If I recall it right, I was the second to accept the offer after Bryan. Next was Jake then Sheila. I thought this was a big joke at first and never thought the experience would be as GREAT as this. It has taught me a lot of things respect,
love, friendship and a lot more. BBK, you are indeed a GENIUS! Thank you for coming up with this idea. I would have never met these wonderful friends without you. I am very grateful.

To EVERYONE ELSE, I will forever treasure the days weve shared and I hope wed still remain friends even without FPBB.

Good luck to all of us and once again, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. =D

Friday, January 06, 2006

~ BBK's Birthday ~

FH's New Year's Resolutions

NEIL G - I would want to think of it as more of my GOALS
than a promises... Here's my Top 3:

1. to work even harder to get a promotion (maybe as a trainer and ultimately an operations manager) my current job

2. to start saving up money for my future (coz i have the tendency to overspend. hehehe)

3. to manage both my original career and career shift to ride along well together (i love my current job but i still want to keep the passion i have for my first passion)

I will be doing my best to achieve ALL THREE... Happy New Year, everyone!=D

NEIL TG - dear bbk....

sorry i do not believe in new year's resolution because change for me is spontaneoous... meaning it is not time bound because time is relative...i change whenever i want to...anytime, any day, any season whatsoever...

ok??? anyone who likes to argue??? hehehe

TRISH - i will not sleep late anymore and to look for a permanent job......


Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Message from Mica

Since my co-evictee gave his reaction about pbbfg,
I must also grab this opportunity to give my
reaction regarding the game.

First of all, I wanna thank BBK for choosing me to
be a new housemate ( im not included in the
original list.. if m not mistaken, i am Esti's
replacement). A lot of forumers from wants to join the game and luckily,
you chose me!

I never thought I'll love this game. At my first week
at the game, Atat ako plagi magonline since the
housemates are friendly and we were given our
solo tasks. Sad lang when some had to quit pero
happy na rin coz newbies joined the game.

To the old members (evicted and the quitters)
thanks for the friendship! Ka chat ko pa rin
regularly yung iba at katxt. I'm thankful I met you

TRISH - Sis! hehe thanks for your support! Too bad
hanggang dito na lang talaga eh. I enjoyed chatting
with you at mga kakikayan natin sa txt! hehe :)
hope after the game magkita pa rin tayo and let's
do some "boy hunting"! hahahaha :) i love yah sis
wish ko lang mameet mo na yung right guy para
mag brides maid na ako! hehehe

NEIL TG - Thanks for being a good kuya to me. Ang
bait mo sobra! I admire you rin kasi ur the nerdy
guy who knows how to have fun! ur a good dancer
too lol :P

SHEILA - Sorry sa pagvote out ko sayo.. Alam ko
naman kasi na malakas ka dito eh hehe :) tnx for
the quotes and for making me feel welcome nung
eyeball natin. Sana di ka magalt sa akin ha?

NEIL G (THE Seducer lol) - Remember that? haha :)
oo nga eh among the HM din ikaw ang least na
nakakausap ko.. ur busy with work din ata hehe :)
hope ur happy right now and active ang... alam mo
na! hehe

KENNETH - dude! thanks 4 d msg! yup, i really
wanna stay pero ganun talaga :) at least I've
learned a lot from the members of this game.
Thanks for being there nung medyo senti ako nung
christmas ( alam mo na un hehe). hope to meet
you soon! uwi ka na kasi hehe

Yan lang po muna.. Sana sa mga members try to
audition sa PBB 2 . Let' s prove na ang virtual
housemates kaya rin makipagsabayan sa reality tv!
AJA! hehe


Monday, January 02, 2006

Kenneth last thoughts

hayyz... my journey to PBBFG has already ended... muahzzz.. thnks guys... sa lahat ng nakilala ko and nameet.. sa mga naging friends ko thnk you thnk you thnk you... and happi neu year n rin!... sorrie kC akala nung ibng FH wala n kong tym sa PBB... i email BBK about my new blog so that FH can like... somehow heard sumfin new from me.. pero prang ndi atah napaalam sa inyo ni kuya Un... ska ndi rin nya naiadd Ung bgong blog ko... btw.. thnks guys!... bsta visit nyo p rin ako anytime... and drop Ur comments.. lagi Lng ako d2... =) ska fwendsz prin taU... WeeEeHh.. no hard feeling!.. luv U all guys!... ate trish thnkss sa lahat... Neil TG thnks sa lahat... and kuya Neil G.. thnks sa communication... WahhHhh... and amm.. kay mica... sorrie mica.. I know U dont wna go yet.. I tried to somwhat decreasin Ur points by not voting U out.. kso majority wins e!.. and kay BBK... ahha.. Ur a genius... creatin and makin this game a reality... WOhooOOoo... I give U credits for that!...

Sunday, January 01, 2006


KENNETH and MICA, Evicted!

Kenneth - 5
Mica - 3
Sheila - 2
Neil G -1
Neilt TG - 1
Trish - 0

MICA: hmmm... this one is hard! I'll be evicting Neil G coz i think siya ang hindi ko ka-close sa game... the other one is kenneth (sorry dude! im soooo sorry!) kasi mas bago siya... sorry ha game lang po... hope di kayo magalit - HOLLA

NEIL TG: hi bbk i am pulispatolagusto ko mapalayas sina: kenneth at mica... for both of them, nothing personal guys... in fact wabs ko kayo... lalo na c mica... pro the game says 2 has to go... and ur next on my list. sorry. =P... this is just but a game. friends pa rin tayo definitely. cheers.

NEIL G: im voting out MICA. among all of us, she had been d least i had communications with. Alam ko she s a nyc girl and dat shes frendly. im really sorry, mica. we had 2 cast our votes. nothing also voting out KENNETH. i think hndi cya nkakasundo ng ibang housemates. he s actuali a nyc guy... but gusto ko pa ring matira ang original cast. i wana giv credit 2 som1 hu had been wid FPBB since day1. nothing personal. im reali case i had 2 vote 4 som1 to save, im saving TRISH. sa mga natira, kabado akong som1 wud vote her out.bbk, y d sudden change? eto na yata ang pinakamahirap na votation. huhuhu.;(

TRISH: CODENAME: BATMAN Im voting for KENNETH because i really haven't heard from him and so that he can concentrate to his studies.... and im also voting for SHEILA so that she can concentrate to her being a "teacher"...

(submitted 2nd ballot, invalid) MICA: First one kay Neil G coz i think sya ung nagvote out sa akin before and wr not dat close... im sure din naman ako lang magnominate sa knya and my 2nd vote goes to Sheila coz i think malakas siyang kalaban and no one will vote her off... - stickwitu-

SHEILA: kenneth and mica........i want the original members...happy new year..... sana meron codename kase bk mag kasamaan ng loob....if in case "carrot" ang codename ko..thank you ..sana ma consider mo ang request ko..thank you

KENNETH: Neil TG Shiela


Sunday, December 25, 2005

FHs' Most Memorable Christmas

Kenneth: ahhha,.. probly xmas ko sa pinas... i went carollin with 2 other close friends...(guy&gal)... then xmpre noche buena... so ppl wuld have that "inuman" kinah thing sa tabi ng kalsada... then Ung mga senglot na naglalasing called us... tpos.. pinkanta kmi.. supposedly... we wer juz gona sing xmas songs... pinakanta kmi kun ano ano... wwaHHaa.. "april boy"... some "2x meaning songs" mga kntang kalye... "parokya" and all that... gud thing they gave us money... prolly P10 pero song... WWeHh... was fun!... tpos pg uwi... sa ibng bahay.. hinbol p kmi ng aso... i was pretty small.. and slow so ako lagi Ung nahuhuli pg takbuhan na... lyk pg my lasing... or pg madadaanan nmin Ung hunted house "dw" sa place namin!.. well we wer childish then.. kC I think we wer 11 or 12 that tym!..

Neil G: THE LAST CHRISTMAS WITH OUR FAVORITE PET DOGevery christmas s memorable 2 me and i cant even pick 1 to b d most memorable... i think id hav 2 go wid christmas day last year. it has been a tradition here in cebu dat every christmas eve, people wud go outside der houses and start lighting up d firecrackers and fireworks at exactly midnight. at home, we had 4 dogs dat we luv so much. it's reali funny bcoz hearing d loud noises outside d house, deyd run lyk crazy dogs around d house and luk 4 wat dey think was a safe place 2 hide. dogs hav very sensitiv ears so it must have seemed being in d middle of a battlefield 2 dem.we had no idea dat d christmas last year wud b d last christmas wed b spending wid all four of our dogs. 1 just died last november. a half japanese spitz which had been wid d family 4 more dan 10 yrs already. she had been our first ever dog. i reali feel sad coz dat dog was reali reali close 2 us. she'd run 2 mit us even if wer stil 20mts away, shed sleep under our feet giving d feel of a very soft blanket... and she was d most obedient and sweetest dog wev ever's reali sad dat she's nt gonna b wid us ds christmas....

Neil TG: my top choices are:1.) christmas in the late 80's when the whole family was struck with flu. and i think i somewhat started it.hehehe.2.) yuletide 2000-2001, when the christmas eve dinner was themed as the anti-climax of the season... hehehe. we had tulingan, balut, and mango salsa... forget the usual christmas fares of fruit cake, ham - traditionally majestic or excellente, edam cheeseballs.3.) the christmas night of 2002, when after the strictly family affair dinner, i skipped out the dessert to be with my latest "ex-future love" at the time...hehehe. too bad, that later i discovered that she's got a boyfriend back in her home country.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

FHs' Most Memorable Christmas

Mica: most memrable christmas? i think its the christmas of 2003 coz its my last christmas with my father. It is a memorable one coz we spent it in Dagupan and we also celebrated one month of his brain operation. If ur thinking that the celebration i happy... well... not really! My mom and dad fought pa at 12am and i ended up crying outside our house wishing na sana we did not celebrate christmas na lang...

Trish: I guess the MOST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS i have is when we have our family reuinion in las pinas.... THE ARREZA CLAN FAMILY REUNION.... because everyone are all there, even yung mga cousins, uncles, aunties na di pa namin nakikilala eversince are nandoon! Sobrang happy kasi every family rendered a number.... and only our family did not render any.... coz nahihiya kmi! heheheeehhehehe! pero they all told us na... "Sa lahat daw nga family... kami yung mga mukhang chinese and mapuputi!" Kakaiba daw kami sa kanila kasi sila daw puro mga negrito! hehehehehehe! Well, our clan on my father's side are all from SURIGAO.... From that reunion ko lang nalaman na Mr. Pichay is also a menber of the clan! heheheheheheheheh! na-realized namin ng brother ko na both sides pala of our family are all in POLITICIANS! Like in my mom's side naman are all from Badoc, Ilocos Norte, and our grandfather from there is now, Badoc's Vice-Mayor.... Mr. Glen Cajigal! Well, kaming magkapatid eh walang kabalak-balak maging politicians! hehehehehehehehehe! we're very proud of what we are now! A simple and yet a happy person! hehehehehehehehhe! So, i guess that's the most memorable x'mas i ever had inmy life!

Sheila: most memorable christmas? ..cguro yung magkasama kaming lahat ng mga kapatid laws at mga pamangkin together with my friends sa bahay .....kase meron kaming nakagawian sa bahay every 25 and jan.1 na mag papakain kami at mag papalaro sa mga bata ,, mga kapatid ko ang lahat ng organized, ako naman with my friends ang game master......nakakatuwa tingnan na mgakasama kaming lahat at nakakapagbigay saya ka sa mga bata,,,lalo na christmas is for children....yan cguro palagi ang kng namimis pag di me magcelebrate ng pasko at new year sa bahay........mahirap kase mabuo ang family lalo na may mga work at sa malayo.......kaya sobrang saya ako nung araw na yun kase di lang family ko ang nandun pati kaibigan ko nandun at mga batang binigyan namin ng saya........

Monday, December 19, 2005

Results of the Nomination
Cyrill is the 4th evictee

"OUT" Votes
Cyrill +6 pts. (NET points = +11 pts.)
Kenneth +4 pts.
Mica +2 pts. (NET points = -2 pts.)

"IN" Votes
Mica -2 pts.
Neil TG -2 pts.
Neil G -1 pts.
Trish -1 pts.

BigBad Kuya gives CYRILL 5 points for not participating the nomination.

"CARLO" - 2 for mica .....why mica? wala lang......di ko lang siya maramdaman.....and 1 for neil tg ang dapat manalo dito....wala me talaga me maisip kase sobrang busy......

"CLARK KENT" - 2 points for KENNETH because he's too busy in school.... less time for FPBB... and i haven't heard from him lately....

1 point for MICA, eversince i knew her... she's very friendly, and yet she's one of my closiest friend here.

"ALEX" - hi kuya... I'm voting cyrill out... wala Lng akong choice... we hardly talked and I feel bad bout
it...suckz coz i didnt really make a way for us to b close!... xcept for postin some shouts on his blog's shoutbox!...

I'm keepin Mica! shes nice!.. =) that says it all...

"IJUSTWANNAHAVEFUN" - 2 pts for cyrill.. i dunno why... im sorry talaga dude but i want the orig ones to stay. 1 pt to save trish. she's nice

"ISIS" - 2 points to vote out CYRILL. very "presko" kasi dating nya sa akin. at kahit nagpaparticipate cya sa mga tasks, hndi ko pa rin nafeel ang connection frm him.

1 point to save NEIL TG kasi may nagvote out sa kanya last tym. bka sakaling may magvote sa kanya ulit, at
least makatulong 2ng vote ko.

"ODIE" - to boot out ---> kenneth, listed according to plan. it's just part of the game, i know this guy is a
sport...keep cool.

to save ---> neil g, listed according to plan. a friend and ally

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nomination for the 4th Eviction

Nomination process:
1. Each FH is given 3 - point votes: 2 - point vote to evict a FH, and 1 - point vote to save a FH.
2. The total of 2 - point votes received by a FH will be substracted by the accumulated 1 - point votes he/she received.
3. The FH with the highest point will be evicted.
4. No FH can vote for him/herself and FH with immunity. FHs cannot assign his/her 3 - point votes to same FH.
5. Nomination runs from until 6PM Monday. FHs who failed to nominate before the deadline will automatically receive 5 - point votes from BB Kuya.
6. Results will be announced 9PM
Monday or until all ballots are in.
7. FHs must submit their votes with explanations why they voted against and for those particular FHs.
8. FHs must provide his/her codename. Names of the voters and the nominees will not be revealed until 6PM Monday.

Monday, December 12, 2005

2 FHs have correctly guessed the exact ranking of PBB Big winners; Sheila wins immunity!

Days before the Finals of PBB. BB Kuya asked the FHs to guess the exact Final ranking of the BIG FOUR namely Cass, Jason, Nene and Uma.

FH to guess the exact Final ranking wins immunity. In case of a tie, the first FH who sent his/her guess wins. If none guessed the exact Final ranking, a point system will be followed; 5 points for each correct placement. FH with the highest points earned wins. In case of a tie, the first FH who sent his/her guess wins. If all got zero
point, meaning, if all FHs didnt get a correct ranking, everyone can be nominated for eviction.

The deadline was on or before Saturday 6:00pm.

Neil G (Thursday, December 08, 2005 11:41:00) - Ultimate Winner: Cass, rank 2: Nene, rank 3: Uma, rank 4: Jayson
i reali wanted uma 2 win bt im nt reali sure yet on hw he'd do wid hs votes so i jst go 4 cass. nene had a phenominal vote last tym wc made me think she cud b on d top2. im placing my bet on Cass.

Kenneth (Thursday, December 08, 2005 14:51:00)- hhmp.. ala kong idea e kuya.. since i dont watch it! shame on me)... lolzz.. but yheaa.. I'll take my guess: Nene >> Cass >> Uma >> Jason

Mica (Thursday, December 08, 2005 12:16:00)- Nene, Cass, Jason, Uma

Sheila (Thursday, December 08, 2005 19:56:00)- 1. nene 2. jason 3.cass 4. uma

Trish (Friday, December 09, 2005 02:23:00) - sa akin po kasi kuya its between jason and nene... pero i think jason will win... tapos nene.... tapos cass... then uma....

Neil TG (Friday, December 09, 2005 19:31:00)- jason as pbb winner, nene runner up 1, cass, then uma

Cyrill (Saturday, December 10, 2005 13:04:00) - ei kuya! im back... my final ranking: 1 nene, 2 jason, 3 uma, 4 cass

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Trish says...

I never... because...
- had the chance to graduate college because it wasn't my first priority then.
- disrespect my parents because I know from the start that they already know what's good for me.
- cheated on my previous relationships because im scared of "karma".
- had a chance to prove myself to work because my ad did not allow me to work when i was still studying and after studying.
- cut my hair short because I love the way it is now.

I always... because...
- find time playing with my nephews Miggy and Popo because I love kids.
- go to my bestfriend's bar everytime I feel sad because it is the only place herein I can relax and have fun.
- help people who is in need because I want them to feel that it is not the end of the world and that there are still person/s who loves to help them.
- take care of my family because I want them to know how much I loved them and sacrifice everything for them.
- clean and put nail polish on my nails because for me, it reflects my cleanliness to myself.
- do taebo because it helps me to get fit.
- respect my friends because I also want to be treated like that as well.
- cared for myself because I love the whole me.
- wear pajamas when i go to sleep because for me its very comfortable.

I will never... because...
- eat too much because I don't want to get fat again.
- try to please anyone because they might reject me.
- fall for a guy who doesn't love me back because I don't want to get hurt again.
- cry for a guy ever again because I have to love myself first before loving anyone.
- let anyone hurt my family and friends' feelins because I love them all and they are the most important persons in my life.

I regret... because...
- sometimes for being a weak person because I can't no longer fight for myself.
- myself for being too much friendly to people around me because some of them took advantage on me.
- for being a soft-hearted person because I always find myself being hurt.

I wish...
- to be strong person so that I can fight for myself alone.
- i could find a guy who could love me and care for me for the rest of my life.
- i find happiness in life so that i'll know how to be satisfied of what life is.
- im one of the cupids because I want to spread LOVE in the whole world.
- to be strong for the remaining days in VPBB because I don't want to quit the game.
- to know my other housemates by seeing and talking to them in person specially MICA, EDU, NEIL-TG, ATE SHEILA, KENNETH, CYRILL, INAN, JOPAX, NEIL-G and BigBadKUYA as well because I want to be close to them.
- to find my other HALF because i miss taking good care of a special person in my life.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cyrill says...

" I never-sentences "

1 I never quit on pbbfg because i am cyrill.
2 I never hurt someone as possible because there's karma.
3 I never choose a friend because i am friendly [haha...]
4 I never go w/o my cp because it's half of me.
5 I never leave at home w/o my wallet because i will lost.
6 I never leave my family because they are my life.
7 I never refuse problems because i am strong.
8 I never doubt with my abilities because i know myself.
9 I never play a game of chance because life is once.
10 I never let someone "apakan 'yung family ko" because "makakapatay ako!"

"I always-sentences"

11 I always brush my teeth because its an asset.
12 I always take a bath because i need it.
13 I always write anything on paper because i dont know.
14 I always read headlines because i am aware...
15 I always watch tv during my free time at home because it entertain me.
16 I always talk to my mom because i love her.
17 I always play with my nephew because i love them.
18 I always put my cp on my pocket because that's me.
19 I always pray because its a habit.
20 I always listen to music because it relax me.

"I will never-sentences"

21 I will never drink at night alone again because you do not know who are the people surrounds you.
22 I will never use drugs again because once is enough.
23 I will never commit a relationship again if i'm not sure because it's bad!
24 I will never take a bath again in a river naked because there's someone behind that tree. (haha!)
25 I will never leave a friend again in a party because she will slap you the following day.
26 I will never sing at jukebox again if im not yet drunk because it might rain.
27 I will never say a bad words again in front of my instructor because she might give you a failing grade.
28 I will never tell anyone again that i used drugs because there's gossip.
29 I will never sleep wearing only underwear at my friend house again because they are naughty.
30 I will never go to a gay friend drunk again because the following day there's a hang over.

"I regret-sentences"

31-40 " kuya honestly, i dont have any regrets in
my life! "

"I wish-sentences"

41 I wish i can please everyone because i need it.
42 I wish everyone knows how to forgive because i commanded.
43 I wish i can forget all my bad memories in the past because it was a misery.
44 I wish i am a superhero because the world needs it.
45 I wish i am a superstar because i like it.
46 I wish i can fly because i want to see the wonders of the world in one day.
47 I wish this christmas everyone are happy because this is the time.
48 I wish i am einstein because i'll give a damn my physics intructor.
49 I wish i have a better future someday because i am doing it right now.
50 I wish everyone learn to love each other because war is no-no in this world.

Mica says...

I never... because...

1. I never had a boyfriend because I'm a bit suplada daw and I'm choosy
2. I never tried drugs because i know the side effects of it
3. I never question God because I know that there's a purpose for everything that is happening to us.
4. I never liked smoking or drinking because It's not good for the health.
5. I never finished the book "The Purpose Driven Life" because of some unreasonable reasons hehe
6. I never read any of the Harry Potter books because I'm afraid that I'll get addicted to it!
7. I never prioritize money over my family because my family is my greatest possession
8. I never went to Visayas or Mindanao because I never had the chance to go there
9. I never dislike my brother Carlo (autistic bro) because I do believe that he's a blessing to me.
10. I never liked a specific sport because I'm not sporty

I always... because...

11. I always pray at night because God is the reason why I'm being blessed with a wonderful family and life
12. I always go online because I'm such an internet addict!
13. I always kiss and hug my brother because he's a sweety boy!
14. I always drink iced tea or green tea during my breaktime because i like it! hehe
15. I always sing the songs of Beyonce and the Spice Girls because of its girl power thingy
16. I always bring my cellphone with me kahit walang load because it saves me from boredom
17. I always post at forums because i love meeting new friends
18. I always join sa activities in school because active talaga ako
19. I always dance infront of the mirror because i want to be a performer
20. I always watch korean movies like "My Sassy Girl" because these movies rock!

I will never... again because...

21. I will never disobey my mom again because it will make her cry
21. I will never take my education for granted because education is the key for a brighter future
22. I will never focus to one guy na alanganin coz it hurts to know the fact na he's gay pala
23. I will never spank my bro too hard because nakakakonsensya
24. I will never watch a movie with Ryza Cenon in it because she's the worst Starstruck Survivor ever
25. I will never watch a Harry Potter movie because I'm not a big fan talaga
26. I will never fall in love with a guy who considers love a Game. Mahirap nang masaktan
27. I will never choose a guy over my brother kc ang lalaki wpd palitan ang kpatid hindi!
28. I will never backstab a friend unless sya ang nauna
29. I will never ever say I Love You if i don't really mean it
30. I will never give up my blogging because my blog is my outlet

I regret... because...

31. I regret the time i posted some details about my job in my blog because it is the reason why they fired me :P
32. I regret the time I considered this one guy as my bestfriend because he betrayed me
33. I regret the time i didn't study hard in my Discrete Math class because my final grade in that subject is the reason why i am disqualified for the student govt
34. I regret the time i didn't study well in algebra and trigo because i got a line of 7 grade!
35. I regret the day i missed the chance to meet Emma Bunton because she's a spice girl!
36. I regret the day my Spice Girls collection disappeared because they're all collectors item!
37. I regret the day i said G@g0 to my friend because we didn't talk for a year!
38. I regret the day I did not fight for the dance competition back in high school because mas deserving ako for that spot!
39. I regret the day my dad died because i wasn't able to show him how much i love him
40. I regret the day I wrote a letter to my crush kc wlang talab sa knya

I wish... because...

41. I wish I'll have a boyfriend by next yr because NBSB ako :P
42. I wish to meet the spicegirls because i love them!
43. I wish to have a happy xmas
44. I wish that my Dad is with the Lord God now
45. I wish my mom will be happy in Scotland when she arrives there. hope she 'll avoid the racist 46. I wish i'll be included in a reality tv show like pbb
47. i wish that all my wishes will come true
48. i wish to be the sexiest woman in the world (haha)
49. I wish this survey ends
50. I wish mageyeball na kaming lahat ng fh!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Neil TG

1-10. I never... because...
1. i never go places where i know my personal security would be breached because I dont like to be in trouble
2. i never tell things that I think I can not do because its a prerequisite that I wont be able to do it.
3. i never sound pessimistic/negative when I give my initial statements, because I am a universal optimist/idealist
4. i never wanted to finish this complete the statement in a day or two, unless I got this spontaneity in me because I do not believe in the concept
5. i (will) never finish this never sentences because I find it never ending, and I grow impatient ..hehehe

11-20. I always... because...
11. i always go to the dentist regularly because i want a healthy set of teeth.
12. i always stock up my lab supplies because i don't like my work interrupted for negligence.
13. i always floss my teeth for same reasons as number 11.
14. i always wanted to travel the whole of the philippine islands because it inspires me to believe theres a bright future for our people in spite of our current situation on poverty, politics and culture of apathy.
15. i always wanted to support one asia movement because there is a need to correct the history books for the wrong point of views projected in pro western history books
16. I always leave things to divine intervention whenever I am faced with tasks seemed impossible.

21-30. I will never... again because...
21. i will never go out of control with tequila again, because it took me a week to recover when i hit
22. i will never provoke an argument that I can not get away with again, because it left me in the lurch disgraced, tainted etc.
23. i will never sneak in to a girls dorm again, because I really felt ashamed when they reprimanded me so was for my g-f. hehehe
24. i will never grrr hehehehe because its useless.

31-40. I regret... because...
31. i regret to have not done the football clinic when i was five because i could have been a starplayer by now. hehehe.
32. i regret to not continue these regret statements because it is not my attitude to regret it brings in negative vibes so much as the mood of resentment. sorry. i just want to move forward in life. =P
33. I (will) regret to argue with you bbk if you would force me to finish this hehehehe because I am generally a peaceful person

41-50. I wish... because...
41. i wish i do not leave car keys inside the car because i don't want commuting back home just to get the duplicate key (been into several times... grrr.)
42. i wish to renew my passport soon because it expired last september, so it means that i'm restricted to local travels only.
43. i wish to have my career visions fulfilled because i really want to help humanity.
44. i wish the world is much less complicated because living life would be more simple.
45. i wish the filipino people would unite again for one nationalist cause that would make us move forward to greatness because i have this conviction that we can be really prosperous as a nation.
46. I wish scientific research and development in our country would be given more funding by anyone who cares

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Neil g says...

1. like people hu r arrogant, air-headed and overconfident bcoz dey irritate me so much
2. learned hw 2 swim coz i hav phobia wid deep water
3. had d chance to fulfill my fantasy dream of bcoming a model bcoz of my height
4. want 2 spend so much time at home coz im nt really dat close wid my family
5. achieved my goal yet of leaving 2 country 4 work or study abroad coz iv always wanted 2
6. had gotten 2 lyk cartoons and animations, deyr too childish 4 me
7. learned hw 2 cook although i always wanted to... my mom & older bro always do d cookng
8. want people asking 2 many questions bout my personal lyf. wat do dey care?
9. want people talkng so much about der personal lyf either... wat do i care?

1. want things 2 b perfect bcoz i hate it wen im second best or worse fail
2. worry about things that happen in lyf although i always kip a positiv attitude bcoz i guess ds wud make me feel more equipped 2 "fight d battle"
3. wanted 2 hav a nyc body coz i hav been so insecure of how small i was b4. at least im seeing som improvements nw.
4. wanted 2 b taller coz i think i cud hav done more things. if i had money, id do watever it takes 2 get taller
5. create a wall between me and som1 who jst gotten 2 knw me coz i reali dnt talk so much about my lyf... i always prefer 2 talk about somethnelse.

6. crave 4 burger and fries... deyr a perfct match....delicious!
7. wanted 2 hav a grand vacation outside d country for a change
8. want 2 watch movie by myself coz i hav sombody wid me, my attention wud b rediverted
9. cover d mirror and close d door of d restrm in my bedroom b4 i go 2 sleep... feng shui says so.

1. ever... ever... eat shrimp, squid, crab & other seafoods again coz d last tym i ate squid, i was rushed 2 an emergency hospital

2. overspend again coz ryt nw iv got a realy big amount 2 pay wid my credit card
3. b a good liar coz everytym i lie, i always get caught.
4. talk wid some1 hu s close-minded. it always ends up wid arguments
5. my hair rebonded again. it made no diffrence. i hav a strait hair, i thot havng it rebonded wud make it luk better
6. spend 1 nyt in a haunted place. im sure id stay awake d whole nyt.
7. force som1 2 do somthng if he doesnt want 2
8. mix beer wid gin again... i had embarasng experiences
9. appreciate it if may bumatok sa akin. its very rude 2 do dat

1. not going out wid frends a lot during college coz i never experienced hw it was 2 b truly happy
2. being so dependent 2 my parents b4 coz i had a lot of opportunities wasted
3. trying 2 make others i was unapproachable bak den in college coz i jst realized dey only admired me as a person bt never admired me as a frend
4. nt exerting more effort during d board exams coz i never made it 2 d top 10 wc many esp my instructors wer expectng me 2 make it
5. nt being brave enough 2 do things dat i cud hv done
6. fightng wid frends 4 wat i thot wud b bettr 4 d org
7. so insensitiv 2 othrs somtyms
8. so idealistc..
9. limiting myself 2 thngs easier 4 me

1. i cud hav been taller (u knw d reason y)
2. i cud sing so well coz people hu cud do so r admired by many
3. filipinos cud b mor lyk d americans hu never wallow in der past, dey do somthng 4 d future instead

4. i was a surperstar. id hav luxury and fame.
5. i wer a little whiter. i hate my skin color.
6. i cud do magic so i cud change thngs in a flick
7. our country wud get over ol its problems
8. i was som1 bettr dan i was
9. happiness 4 evry1...


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Kenneth is the OA Champ!

PBBFG Tournament 2005 Over-all Champ

Hexxagon: Neil TG vs. Sheila Sheila wins! (30 - 33)
Pacman: Kenneth vs. Neil TG Kenneth wins! (38440 - 5690)
Panic Room!: Jomar vs. Kenneth Jomar wins! (73 - 66)
Snake: Kenneth vs. Jomar Kenneth wins! (1635 - 308)
Tetris: Kenneth vs. Sheila Kenneth wins! (854 - 6061)

KENNETH - 450 points
(Pacman, Snake and Tetris champion, 1 2nd place, 1 3rd place, Topped 3 games in Round 1)
SHEILA - 200 points
(Hexxagon champion, 1 2nd place, 3rd place, 1 4th place)
JOMAR - 200 points
(Panic Room! champion, 1 2nd, 1 3rd place, 1 4th place)
NEIL TG - 175 points
(2 2nd place, 1 3rd place, 1 4th place, Topped 1 game in Round 1)
TRISH - 75 points
(2 4th place, Topped 1 game in Round 1)
CYRILL - 25 points
(1 3rd place)

Point System to determine the Tournament
OA (Over-all) Champion:

First placers - 100 pts (5)
Second placers - 50 pts (5)
Third and fourth placers - 25 pts (20)
Highest scorer per game/event (in Round 1) - 25 pts (5)
Top 1 record - 25 pts

Monday, November 28, 2005

Edu quits

Edu: bigbad, i think i need to say goodbye i have alot things going on right now and i hope you and my housemate can forgive me on this and i hope they will understand lalo na si trish i'll let you know nalang trish o.k stay as sweet and pretty as you are your the best girl keep it up my fellow housemate sorry gal's n' guy's lalo na doon sa nag-vote sakin na i didn't meet her/his expectation i wish you know me more so hindi ka nag-expect but is cool no problem thats why bigbad make this game to enjoy and there's alot people outhere that can focus and really enjoy this site i decided to quit co'z of job related matter but you still can be my friends you know and just e-mail me i'll do my best to reply o.k goodluck to all housemate it's been fun and really cool to be apart of this fantasygame and im hoping to seeuall in person i think that would be cool and tight...chow..thanks bigbro from having me here :-)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Trish's Survey

Hi BigBadKUYA! I made a survey to spice up our days here in VPBB, forme itskatuwaan lang! ").....I asked my fellow housemates, either new or old, evictee or forced evictee.... to answer questions

Best Love Team: Kenneth & Mica, Neil-G & Trish
Most Pasaway: Jomar
Friendliest Housemates: Trish
Cutiest Female Housemate: Trish
Cutiest Male Housemate: Neil-Tg, Neil-G, Inan
Best for Team Leader: Neil-Tg
Most funniest Housemate: Trish
Most Responsible Housemate: Neil-Tg
Most Favorite Housemate: Trish

Here are all the Housemates Answers:

Ate Sheila
Best Love Team: Edu & Trish
Friendliest: Trish
Pasaway: none
Cutiest Female: retchel
Cutiest Male: Neil-Tg
Best 4 team leader: Neil-Tg and sheila
Funniest: Sheila
Responsible: Neil-G
Favorite Housemate: Neil-G & Neil-Tg

Favorite Housemate: Trish

Friendliest: Neil-Tg
Cutiest Female: Trish
Cutiest Male: Jomar
Best for team Leader: Neil-Tg
Funniest: Trish

Best Love team: Edu & Trish or Edu & Mica
Friendliest: Trish & Edu
Pasaway: Neil-Tg
Cutiest Female: trish & Retchel
Cutiest Male: Edu
Best for team Leader: Neil-Tg
funniest: Trish
Responsible: Edu & Trish

Best Love Team: Kenneth & Mica, Neil-G & trish, Inan & Trish
Friendliest: trish, Neil-Tg, Neil-G, Ate Sheila, and Mica!
Pasaway: Jomar
Cutiest female: Trish & Mica
Cutiest Male: Inan.... and Kenneth
Best for Team Leader: Neil-Tg
Funniest: Neil-Tg
Responsible: Mica

Jopax (old Housemate)
Best Love Team: Neil-Tg & Sheila
Friendliest: Sheila
Pasaway: Neil-Tg ( i dont know.... baka sha!)
Cutiest Female: Retchel
Cutiest Male: Neil-Tg & Neil-G
Best for team leader: Neil-Tg
Funniest: Mica
responsible: neil-g, sheila, neil-tg, and Trish
favorite Housemate: Sheila

Best Love Team: Neil-G & Trish ( if i wer taller... :)
Friendliest: Neil-Tg ( he textx everyone )
Pasaway: Cyrill
Cutiest Female: Trish ( nobody else but you!!! )
Cutiest Male: Neil-G ( hehehehe!)
Best for Team leader: neil-Tg ( he's got brilliant mind! )
Most Funniest: Trish ( she makes me laugh... really!)
Responsible: Neil-Tg ( he finds time for VPBB despite
how busy he is! :)
favorite housemate: trish ( she's special! )

Best Love team: Mica & Kenneth ; Cyrill & Retchel)
Pasaway: Jomar
Friendliest: Neil-Tg, Neil-G, Ate Sheila, Mica, Edu,
kenneth, Retchel
Cutiest female: retchel and Ate Sheila
Cutiest Male: Inan, Neil-G and Neil-Tg
Best for team Leader: Neil-Tg
Funniest: Mica
Responsible: Neil-G and Neil-Tg
favorite Housemate: Neil-Tg, neil-G and inan

Inan (old housemate)
Best Love Team: Neil-Tg & Trish
Pasaway: Neil-G
Friendliest: Neil-Tg
Cutiest Female: Trish, hehehe!
Cutiest Male: Inan, hehehe!
Best for Team Leader: Neil-Tg
Funniest: Neil-G
Responsible: Neil-Tg
Favorite Housemate: Trish

Jay (old housemate)
Best Love Team: Neil-G & trish
Pasaway: Jomar
Friendliest: Sheila
Cutiest Female: Sheila
Cutiest Male: Jay
Best Team Leader: Neil-Tg
FUnniest: Mica
Responsible: Neil-Tg
Favorite Housemate: Sheila

Pasaway: Ako!
Friendliest: Trish
Funniest: Kenneth
Responsible: Tayong lahat!

Friday, November 25, 2005


- A message and revelations (?) from Neil G

bb kuya, dami mo ng narereciv na complaints ngayon ah. frst, sa kin bout d tournament, den kay neil tg bout d nomination and trish on both? nkakaawa c trish coz lyk me u informed her at d end of d game already na invalid pala scores nya. alam mo namang may effort din naman cya 4 it. i completely understand her coz frustrating naman tlaga yun. sayang ung tym and effort, ryt? we shudnt hav played nlng if we knew dat wud happen. yung kay neil tg din naman. napansin ko rin yun on d same day na napansin ko ang name ni edu sa votes. alam ko tlgang di ako yung binigyan ng vote 2 save coz di tlaga ako nagtitxt. typographical error lng yun. i think u shud b reviewng evry detail frst b4 posting anythng. som r startng 2 think na dat ur biased on som housemates. and if possible warn housemates 4 any mistake and ask questions 2 verify para fair. tsk.tsk.tsk. ok lng yan. tao lng din naman tayo. sana nga lng di na maulit nxt tym. May 48 days pa naman.=D

"Kram" objects on BB Kuya's decision

Kram wrote BB Kuya, "sorry kuya...bakit di nasali yung vote ko? i was saving for neil-tg.... nagkamalilang po cguro yung pag pindot ko ng keyboard.... i was saving my best bud neil-tg... why will i vote for neil-g eh alam ko namang di sya pdeng i-vote out.... hay naku, kaya lang i know naman na dika maniniwala.... kaya ayoko na lang mag comment!"

"Kram" 's reply which included his/her nominations:

BB Kuya invalidated "Kram" 's ballot for he/she clearly violated one of the nomination rules - "# 1. Each FH is given 3 - point votes: 2 - point vote to evict a FH, and 1 - point vote to save a FH."

"Kram" 's revised nominations:

Kram committed second violation - "#4. No FH can vote for him/herself and FH with immunity. FHs cannot assign his/her 3 - point votes to same FH."

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Trish questions BB Kuya

regarding sa tournament.... i've told u all the reasons why i haven't played diba its because ourphone is busted... sira sya for almost 1 week! u can even ask neil-tg... sinabi ko agad sa kanya the day na nawalan kming dial tone... tapos... i played... tapos disqualified pa rin! gosh! hindi pa ba sapat yung reason ko? u can even check the pldt kung nagsisinungaling ba ako or not! im really very disappointed... and labo tlga! ginawa ko na lahat pero mali pa rin! bakit naman ganun kuya? even for the last minute i played pa rin para kahit papaano nakapag laro pa rin ako! and pinadalako yung explanation ko syo... all i thought ispumayag ka na kasi u posted my scores sa site... pero yun pala DQ din ako! ano bang klaseng desisyon yun? anglabo tlga!

From the entry on Wednesday, November 23, 2005:

UPDATED Result of the Nomination
Here now is the updated tally of votes after BB Kuya had invalidated "Kram" 's votes:
Points to evict: 2 points

Jomar: + 8 pts
Kenneth: + 2 pts.,
Sheila: + 2 pts., Edu: + 2 pts.
Neil TG: + 2 pts.
(net point = + 1 pt. )

Points to save: 1 point

Trish: - 7 pts.
Neil TG: - 1 pt.