Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Monday, December 19, 2005

Results of the Nomination
Cyrill is the 4th evictee

"OUT" Votes
Cyrill +6 pts. (NET points = +11 pts.)
Kenneth +4 pts.
Mica +2 pts. (NET points = -2 pts.)

"IN" Votes
Mica -2 pts.
Neil TG -2 pts.
Neil G -1 pts.
Trish -1 pts.

BigBad Kuya gives CYRILL 5 points for not participating the nomination.

"CARLO" - 2 for mica .....why mica? wala lang......di ko lang siya maramdaman.....and 1 for neil tg ang dapat manalo dito....wala me talaga me maisip kase sobrang busy......

"CLARK KENT" - 2 points for KENNETH because he's too busy in school.... less time for FPBB... and i haven't heard from him lately....

1 point for MICA, eversince i knew her... she's very friendly, and yet she's one of my closiest friend here.

"ALEX" - hi kuya... I'm voting cyrill out... wala Lng akong choice... we hardly talked and I feel bad bout
it...suckz coz i didnt really make a way for us to b close!... xcept for postin some shouts on his blog's shoutbox!...

I'm keepin Mica! shes nice!.. =) that says it all...

"IJUSTWANNAHAVEFUN" - 2 pts for cyrill.. i dunno why... im sorry talaga dude but i want the orig ones to stay. 1 pt to save trish. she's nice

"ISIS" - 2 points to vote out CYRILL. very "presko" kasi dating nya sa akin. at kahit nagpaparticipate cya sa mga tasks, hndi ko pa rin nafeel ang connection frm him.

1 point to save NEIL TG kasi may nagvote out sa kanya last tym. bka sakaling may magvote sa kanya ulit, at
least makatulong 2ng vote ko.

"ODIE" - to boot out ---> kenneth, listed according to plan. it's just part of the game, i know this guy is a
sport...keep cool.

to save ---> neil g, listed according to plan. a friend and ally