Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Trish's Survey

Hi BigBadKUYA! I made a survey to spice up our days here in VPBB, forme itskatuwaan lang! ").....I asked my fellow housemates, either new or old, evictee or forced evictee.... to answer questions

Best Love Team: Kenneth & Mica, Neil-G & Trish
Most Pasaway: Jomar
Friendliest Housemates: Trish
Cutiest Female Housemate: Trish
Cutiest Male Housemate: Neil-Tg, Neil-G, Inan
Best for Team Leader: Neil-Tg
Most funniest Housemate: Trish
Most Responsible Housemate: Neil-Tg
Most Favorite Housemate: Trish

Here are all the Housemates Answers:

Ate Sheila
Best Love Team: Edu & Trish
Friendliest: Trish
Pasaway: none
Cutiest Female: retchel
Cutiest Male: Neil-Tg
Best 4 team leader: Neil-Tg and sheila
Funniest: Sheila
Responsible: Neil-G
Favorite Housemate: Neil-G & Neil-Tg

Favorite Housemate: Trish

Friendliest: Neil-Tg
Cutiest Female: Trish
Cutiest Male: Jomar
Best for team Leader: Neil-Tg
Funniest: Trish

Best Love team: Edu & Trish or Edu & Mica
Friendliest: Trish & Edu
Pasaway: Neil-Tg
Cutiest Female: trish & Retchel
Cutiest Male: Edu
Best for team Leader: Neil-Tg
funniest: Trish
Responsible: Edu & Trish

Best Love Team: Kenneth & Mica, Neil-G & trish, Inan & Trish
Friendliest: trish, Neil-Tg, Neil-G, Ate Sheila, and Mica!
Pasaway: Jomar
Cutiest female: Trish & Mica
Cutiest Male: Inan.... and Kenneth
Best for Team Leader: Neil-Tg
Funniest: Neil-Tg
Responsible: Mica

Jopax (old Housemate)
Best Love Team: Neil-Tg & Sheila
Friendliest: Sheila
Pasaway: Neil-Tg ( i dont know.... baka sha!)
Cutiest Female: Retchel
Cutiest Male: Neil-Tg & Neil-G
Best for team leader: Neil-Tg
Funniest: Mica
responsible: neil-g, sheila, neil-tg, and Trish
favorite Housemate: Sheila

Best Love Team: Neil-G & Trish ( if i wer taller... :)
Friendliest: Neil-Tg ( he textx everyone )
Pasaway: Cyrill
Cutiest Female: Trish ( nobody else but you!!! )
Cutiest Male: Neil-G ( hehehehe!)
Best for Team leader: neil-Tg ( he's got brilliant mind! )
Most Funniest: Trish ( she makes me laugh... really!)
Responsible: Neil-Tg ( he finds time for VPBB despite
how busy he is! :)
favorite housemate: trish ( she's special! )

Best Love team: Mica & Kenneth ; Cyrill & Retchel)
Pasaway: Jomar
Friendliest: Neil-Tg, Neil-G, Ate Sheila, Mica, Edu,
kenneth, Retchel
Cutiest female: retchel and Ate Sheila
Cutiest Male: Inan, Neil-G and Neil-Tg
Best for team Leader: Neil-Tg
Funniest: Mica
Responsible: Neil-G and Neil-Tg
favorite Housemate: Neil-Tg, neil-G and inan

Inan (old housemate)
Best Love Team: Neil-Tg & Trish
Pasaway: Neil-G
Friendliest: Neil-Tg
Cutiest Female: Trish, hehehe!
Cutiest Male: Inan, hehehe!
Best for Team Leader: Neil-Tg
Funniest: Neil-G
Responsible: Neil-Tg
Favorite Housemate: Trish

Jay (old housemate)
Best Love Team: Neil-G & trish
Pasaway: Jomar
Friendliest: Sheila
Cutiest Female: Sheila
Cutiest Male: Jay
Best Team Leader: Neil-Tg
FUnniest: Mica
Responsible: Neil-Tg
Favorite Housemate: Sheila

Pasaway: Ako!
Friendliest: Trish
Funniest: Kenneth
Responsible: Tayong lahat!