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Thursday, November 24, 2005

FHs on Jomar's exit

Neil G - I was expecting Jomar to get voted out although i didnt vote 4 him 2 go. i hav already forseen ds even b4 d voting of d replacements happened. D other housemates felt he needed 2 focus on his studies instead. ds was d exact reason y i didnt vote 4 him 2 b one of d replacements asyd frm d fact dat his 2 young 2 share d same interests wid d rest of d grp. ds may b d reason din dat di cya nagclick sa mga housemates.

To Jomar: u r a bright kid u knw dat. FPBB s jst nt 4 u. U may hav d interest bt nt d connection wc s impt 2. Jst study hard and aim 4 d best, k? Gud luck.

Kenneth - hy kuya... juz wana share my comments bout sa article sa PBBFG blog... titled "Jomar on his eviction"yhea i voted jomar out... but that doesnt mean i hate him or sumthin.. na gi guilty nga ako kC i think its unfair.. but i had no choice... and besides i think he needs to focus on his studies...and to wut he said bout me not sendin him a msg.. well how bout him?... he dint snd me msg too.. i mean I've got my own thing to do. lyk schools and stuff so he cnt be expectin me to msg him... bottom-line is....if U cnt wait for people to communicate with u.. then make Ur move b4 its too late... i'm not against him or anything.. i'm juz expressin wut I'm feeling after reading the article... prang lumalabas ksi na kelangan kmi png mag appoach sa knya pra mgkaron ng communication.. wel I'm sorie.. lyk him, I've been too busy too...i may sound stupid but yheaa.. thats wut I'm feelin!.. at least I'm being honest PEACE JoMAR!... =)