Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Neil TG: the tournament is one of my handicap, i'm never a pc game player. anyway subok lang. but i believe there are better things to do than pc games...hehehe. anyway as the developers of pc games argue, they develop skills like increased functions for thumbs and fingers, psychomotor and cognitive skills ... okokok... i rest my case, lalaro na nga.

Trish: the tournament is really very exciting! I haven't played for the 1st day it was opened.... for the reason of OUR LANDLINE's BUSTED for almost a week and a half... (i did posted it to my friendster!) that's why i really can't play.... Whenever when im renting a computer naman in an internet cafe' LIMITED lang tlga yung time ko..... and NOW lang po tlga nagawa yung phone namin.... (u can even check it to pldt) I really LOVE to join the tournament that's why kahit sobrang kakauwi-uwiko lang po from our family reunion in tagaytay, nag online po tlga ako just to play even for the last minute na lang po..... and tomake sure u're still going to let me join the tournament. Kuya, please po.... let me still join the tournament, i guess valid naman po yung reason ko eh.... thx po!

When playing awhile ago.... i really get excited! kasi ang tgal ko na po tlagang like mag play sa tournament eh..... hehehehehehehe! :)

Kenneth: wahha.. the trnament was fun... aahhaa.. i played lyk 3 times for every game already so I cant play no moe!... pero i noticed na some of em dint played yet!...

Neil G: (Erratum: Neil G not Neil TG) I respect ur decision dat u wud nt b considering my sores 4 d tournament. well, its nt reali ok wid me. i mean i did play d game and played hard 2 even score highest in 2 out of 5 games. it s frustrating dat id later find out dat all d wyl i wasnt doin d ryt thing.

frst, bb kuya, d rules of d game r reali vague and nt dat precise. sori. bt i think d rules wer nt clear enough 4 evry1 to understand. mayb mahina lng tlaga utak ko bt if it wer any clearer.... ders no reason 4 me reacting nw. in fact, i stil had a lot of questions and doubts on d mechanics bt i hesitated 2 argue nlng kasi bka mamisinterpret na im tryng 2 overpower ur decisions. besyds, ayoko nman mareformat 4 d 3rd tym ang mechanics. i knew i shud hav asked. i honestly didnt notice any tournament portion sa arcade. malabo rin kaya yung 2-player, 4-playr thing.... pati ung grouping? i dunno... i even reviewd d mechanics ryt nw. i hav my case...

2nd, u shud hav informed me at least. warned me. im nt reali a pc game lover. in fact, i hate pc
games. and admittedly nt gud at those. i felt it wasnt ryt na u informed me nlng wen d game was over dat my scores wer invalid coz it was played outsyd somethng na di ko na-gets in d frst place. unfair, bb kuya.

galit ako? NO. frustrated lng. VERY. bt stil OK. i hav no plans of continuing wid d tournament na rin naman kasi sa totoo lng pagod na rin ako. im nt quitting sa FPBB though. id prefer 2 b voted out dan quit. i jst wanna let u knw frustrated ako. SUPER FRUSTRATED. nasayang lng efforts ko.

well, contented na ako sa score ko. i knw wer i stand na kahit disqualified, nakatatak naman dun
ang totoo.

Mica: The Tournament? Well :P hehe First of all I want to say sorry if I wasn't able to play the games at the arcade... medyo busy po kasi sa school and I am busy thinking bout too many stuffs... I'm not into online games rin :)

Reflection: Since I was able to play 1 game lang, na-realize ko rin na siguro If i was able to play the other games, mas magkakaroon kami ng bonding ng mga housemates... I feel so sad na hindi ako nakapaglaro ng matino. Anyway, may next time pa siguro and I'll try to participate next time hehe:)

Edu: sorry bigbad hindi ako makapaglaro diko mapaliwanag sayo ngayon but i'll try kapag nasa lupa na ako nag-busy kasi ako this past few days and nachecheck kolang e-mail ko but cannot have time to play sorry...

Cyrill: i enjoyed very much po ,yung tournament! in a little way, my skills was tested! it was really entertaining. and sad to say, i had only few hours spent in the tournament.

Sheila: well....kinda fun kase nga lang mahilig din me sa mga gamw na ganito kaso now medyo di ko na kayang magbabad sa pc just to play kase subrang busy.....gustuhin ko man mag laro kaso wala na me time.....