Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Monday, November 14, 2005

Neil G's question about the tournament

do we i hav 2 b online wid my opponent para sa match? ang hirap naman nun. frst, iba2x sked namin. im asking lng po kasi silent ang rules ng game tungkol d2. we hav d same question ni neil tg.

wat if nlng bb kuya, open nlng 2 ol housemates ang 5 games of wc every1 s stil required 2 participate in ol 5. based on rankings, may i suggest na may corresponding points 2 determine sino ang ultimate winner. kunyari rank 1 s 10points
and so on and so forth.

another thing dat i see sa match2x eh unfair naman po for 1 housemate 2 b eliminated sa certain game dahil natalo cya sa isang match wen he gets even higher score kng icompare sa winner ng ibang match. kunyari lng po, natalo c trish ni kenneth sa hexagon, 23 vs 37. natalo naman ako ni neil tg, 19 vs 21. eh di ba unfair yun sa part ni trish dat neil tg proceeds to d finals eventhough mas malaki ang score nya?

i think dat d best determinant(?) on hus d best on a certain game s purely on rankng. evry1's get 2 participate and everthng's fair kasi purely based on sores/ rankng ang labanan.

it's up 2 u, bb kuya....