Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Friday, November 04, 2005

FHs have chosen the 4 new FHs

Mica: Jomar- perfect replacement kay Jeric and it seems na interesado talaga siya. he deserves to join the gang :) Kenneth - mukhang astig to! Cyrill - la lang hehe
Neil G: My frst choice, Kenneth- he's cool and frendly. i think he's got ds brilliant mind 2. it s very impt 4 me dat our minds meet. i also saw in him d interest b get in. Second choice, Aiza -der's somthng bout ds grl dat i reali lyk. she's also into som orgs w/c makes me think she's outgoing, lyks d company of others and makng frends. i wanna giv her d chance 2 do it wid VPBB. Third choice, ds was reali hard... bt im giving it to Edu. wid his age, i think he's got a lot 2 share 2 d grp. para naman hndi boring ang conversations.
Neil TG: Cyrill, Kenneth, Jpmar
Retchel: Aiza, Cyrill and Kenneth
Sheila: i vote Kenneth, Jomar and Cyrill
Trish: bigbadkuya, my votes are......Kenneth, Cyrill, Edu

Summary of votes: Kenneth - 6 , Cyrill - 5, Jomar - 3, Edu - 2, Aiza - 2, Alvin - 0

Kenneth, Cyrill, Edu and Jomar are the new FHs. BB Kuya choose Edu over Aiza. Congratulations guys!