Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The FHs' Eye-Bol

Dear BigBadK, this is Neil TG... happy weekend! musta? attached are the pictures of the meeting done by fpbb hms. please also add this chronicle of what actualy transpired during the occasion.

October 28, 2005, around 9:15 pm, near g4 entrance, the first meeting of ate shiela and neil tg took place. later transferred to greenbelt area for a service cab.

9:17pm -10:30 pm, we traversed the length of edsa, picking up mica and her best friend from gateway mall araneta center cubao. phone conversations with jophe and neil g took place. allowing more firsts for hms to personally connect. it was estimated that during the entire trip, about 75% of the time there was live communications from the hms via mobile phone connect.

10:45 - arrival at the party venue, where hm trish was the doorgirl cum host of the evening. good accoustics... exchange of pleasantries conducted among hms, setting anoother call for neil g to say hello pfinally to trish. inan is the most awaited hm for the evening, being asked by the girl hms

October 29, 2005, 2:15 am - the hms decided that they wanted to dance, went to tomas morato for a place to dance, however with the official escort (aka dutch callboy neil tg) does not really make gimmick at the area, allowed them to choose as to go to eastwood, makati or the fort for dance. with the music choice of mica, we finally decided to go to blue onion eastwood to shake booties. hehehe

2:20- 2:30 am - pitorials at the center of it all... the pbb house at eugenio lopez drive. though most of us are not really die hard fans, we felt it necessary to pay courtesy to the pbb house. after all it was all in the idea the virtual house was built.

4:00 am - we literally closed down blue onion, walked through eastwood, made some more connect etc...

4:30 am - 4:45am -still more talk, and finally called the night off, mica and best friend headed for annapolis greenhills, while Neil TG and ate Shiela headed for laguna.

impressions, impressions....

ate shiela - since we have been talking long conversations over the phone, via ym and text...the meeting was an actual confirmation that indeed ate shiela is one heack of a teacher, whose ways are really against HS teacher other words " she's cool! ", very outgoing.

trish - also the same, impressions were indeed right... was busy through the entire night entertaining people at the bar. she faied to join the others for the pbb house pictorials and the dance cool down.

mica - shy at first but you could feel that she's really down to earth, genuine and very much in a way a person u can have a good company btw she's more outgoing at the dance floor....hehehe

inan - greatly missed by (female) hms...hehehe