Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A VPBB breakthrough: 2 FHs met personally

Neil TG: allow me to account the first meeting of vhms. the hm i had the first meeting with is inan. i dropped off his office to discuss some business stuff. during our earlier email conversations, we had this idea of a possible collaboration for a project. one is of hydroponics and another is a detection system for trangenics. we wish to combine our knowledge on electronics and communications engineering (inan) plus molecular biology and biotechnology (me) for a revolutionized method of screening and detecting genetically modified organisms. anyway i gave him a brief discourse on genetic engineering, and hehehe, i just hope he had the basic grasp of it... inan, did i explain my filed relatively well? hehehe

having had eye strain the previous day, i found their office light too bright. i felt like my eyes were staring all the time, as if it does not respond to motion. the meeting lasted for more than an hour. the time was cut short since he has to meet with his boss at five (?) the meeting ended with me being introduced by him to his boss.

i was off to ortigas to meet a friend of mine who works with the laguna lake development authority... well, that's another thing of a technical discussion.