Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fantasy Housemates to choose 3 new virtual housemates

FHs are given 7 days to decide who among the 6 applicants will replace Jeric, Jake and Jophe.

Applicant: AIZA 20, single, Cavite, Biology student

im kristen aiza catbagan.... sali po ko hehehe... sna maksali ako s season 2... 1st yr college po ko sa DLSU-D... B.S Biology po ko major in human.... wiling po ko sa mga gniong game sana makasli tlga ko.. ty po

"mE?! d Ko LaM kUnG aNo Ko E! bStA LaM ko wEiRdO,gAsTaDoRa,MaKuLiT,mHiLg S BaR hOpPiNg, mAlL, gAdGeTs AdDiCt, MhiLiG mGpIeRcE(aCtuAlLY i hAvE 7 PiErCe) WaHaAHhAhAhA! BiLlIaRdS,sLiPpErS aDdIcT,dRiNkEr,SmOkEr,LoVeS 2 sWiM, di mHiLiG mGsErYoSo In ShOrT gaGo! HAhahAHAHA....SeAfOoDhOLiC aKo! DuMpLiNGhOLiC diN(shRiMp DuMpLiNg! give me) WaHAhAhAHah...... MhiLiG MgWaTcH nG t.v, MaG sOuNd3p, MHiLiG mAmBuWiSiT, MdALiNg MaAsAr! CuTe! Un LnG... wElL YkO S MgA TaNgAnG tAo! Kc wAlAnG GaMoT s TaNgA! tSkA sIMpLe LnG aKo.. TsKa yKo Ng MgA pAaRtE kC hAy nKu! NeVeR mInD...mAsUnGiT aKo KaPaG aYaW ko sA tAo TsKa InAawAy Ko Or Di Ko ShA PiNpAnCn! SuRe N Ko N AyAw Ko S TaOng Un.....kC mAbAiT aKo.. FrIeNdLy Din pLa Ko! heHeHe...AnD sYmPrE lOvEs 2 HaNgOuT w/ MaH bOo... YaN nLaNg....................bYE!!!!!"

Applicant: ALVIN 24, single, Manila/Saudi Arabia, Craft Technologist

My friends call me Alvin or Vin, 24 years old and based here in Saudi Arabia.Very private. Silent type. Writes a lot. Loves music and pasta.

PBB FG can be a good venue to speak what's in my mind, share my thoughts, views, interests, hopefully gain some friends, virtually and physically, get real and enjoy what's in store.I have so much time to spend online and I will do my best to keep track on whatever task or activity I maybe in. My schedule is flexible and you can contact me anytime.

Blog site:

"1. I am a very private person and I like to do things pretty much alone as I respect other person's privacy. I can be honest and trustworthy to a person who can be likewise. 2. I like only simple things in life like friends, soft music, clean clothes, hot coffee and tea, anything that is pasta and a good conversation. 3. I am often silent and sometimes boringly quiet. I can be creative when I'm happy and sloppy and clumsy when frustrated. I can have forty winks easily when my back rests practically on anything soft. 4. Still single and probably will remain single for the time being 'cause my role models are still single. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, League of Justice, James Bond and League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen are yet to announce their respective engagements. 5. My life expectancy would be something like 60 years. Unlike two centuries ago, it was only 25 years. So people then are expected to marry at an early age. So don't pressure me."

Applicant: CYRILL 20, single, South Cotabato, Civil Engineering Stud

!i am pbb fanatic... hahaha!and of course, same with millions of pbb fanatic... we'r dreaming to b 1 of d housemates... hehehe... i know its not impossible... hahahasince pbb s stil running on tv... i would like first to b a part of allow me, to b a part of it!hehe....tnx!

"Wacky, Quirky, Cheeky with a Nutty Flavor......... Like Britney, im not a boy but not yet a MAN."

Applicant: JOMAR 12, single, PasayManila, 1st year HS stud

I want to join the PBB fantasy game so that I can be sort of "popular" I am always checking the net and I am always ready to do anything BigBadKuya asks me to do.

"Name: jejomar o. bongat- Birth date: march 23, 1993- Birthplace: pasay cty- What are you doing now: typing- Most overused phrase(s): ow sheesh... okay!-Thoughts first waking up: party moments of 10/5/05, look down in the Most recent exciting experience part- Usual bedtime: 10:30? depends.. xempre.. i cram! hahaha! joke..- Most missed memory: d days wherein i get together with 6-11 (i miss u beda)- Pepsi or Coke: pede virgin cola?- McDonald's or Burger King: pede jollibee?- Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate, d pwedeng gawing vanilla eh, pero ang vanilla pwedeng gawing chocolate- Cappuccino or Latte: latte- Smoke: that's bad- Sing: oo, but nakakahiya ang boses ko e- Take a shower every day: wla kmeng shower sa bahay, pero opkors naliligo aq- Have a crush: sa ngayon wala pa, na-trauma ako- Do you think you're really in love: not at this moment- Want to get married: yeahh- Believe in yourself: uhh, sometimes.- Get motion sickness: no!- Think you're attractive: no, but maybe in the future- Think you're a health freak: conscious ako.. pero i still eat processed food.. junk food... food w/ food coloring.. fatty food... hahaha!- Get along with your parents : yeah- Like thunderstorms: sure... kapag may iniiwasan sa school! hahaha! daming requirement!- Play an instrument: nah- Drank alcohol: yea- Gone on a date: nope..- Gone to the mall: yeahhhhhhh...- Eaten sushi: yea- Been on stage: yeahhh. kahit saan, sa beda stage personality *raw* ako dahil every quarter umaakyat ako sa stage- Gone (ice) skating: wid eme. EME ROCKS- Age you hope to be married: 25- Number of Children: ewan- Most recent exciting experience: 10/5/05, b-day ng ka-eme na si RJ. may party, kung may party, may cake. naubos na yung cake, pero may natira pang icing. that means, BULAGAAN. ako pa ang napagdisketahan hehehe, after that i washed my arms, then when i returned to 302 to get my things, ay binato ako ng base ng cake! nye"

Applicant: EDU 27, single, Pampanga/, Merchant Marine

"SIMPLE...I VALUE MY FAMILY and love them...LOVE MY GOD... i'M THE GUARDIAN ARCHANGEL OF THE EAST... i love the lyrics of this goes like this:-)

i Love to see the ocean beauty / and the moon that shines above / Alone in the sand looking at the stars / Wishing someday i would fine true love / Would it be nice to see the morning / With the one you love the most / Would it be nice to say goodnight / To the one you hold so close to your heart / would it be nice to hold someone So dear, near your heart / Would it be nice to hear those words / i LOVE YOU from the one,that you love / i'D love to see myself one day in the arms of someone WHO will share her life with me / SELFLESSLY..... I WOULD LIKE TO SING THIS SONG TO ALL:-)"

Applicant: KENNETH 16, single, Tarlac/Vancouver, Grade 11 student

I thot it wuld be so cool to join this, and meng... for experience... and to gain friends?... aahhaa... yheaa! and fo xure i wuld do my bEsT to do watever BigBad kuya wuld asks me to!

"we migrated here in Vancouver BC couple of yrs ago+ used to live in Tarlac Phil.+ Plays music (drums, keyboard) // wish i culd play the guitar too...+ Ilocano+ Born Again Christian+ single // 2 ex-s+ Computer Geek (WebDEsigner)+ ucan't live without my fibergum gel, hair wax cire, computer, electronic keyboard... ska anu p buh!.. cnt go out without fixin ma hair first... hates goin out... loves doin computer stuff... plays music loves to draw... paint, charcoal sketchin... nakkss.. loves to dance" more