Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A VPBB breakthrough: 2 FHs met personally (2/2)

Inan: yung meeting with neil tg... it was more of an academic meeting than social meeting... i ended my introduction to calculus class 5 minutes earlier and found him in the reception area in 4th floor... i asked him to wait a little bit... when i got out of the faculty area, we went to a discussion room, we talked about the hydroponics system first -- about the electronics aspect of hydroponics, the use of renewable power source like wind and solar energy systems feeding both the automation machine and the water system... in the end, we have to scrap the idea, since the automation with the use of nutrients detector (by the electrolytic components of micro- and macro-nutrients) with entail a negative payback if only to save 100mg of nutrients is our goal... we then discussed transgenics which is kinda semantics to me... i don't really have any background of it, and i am at a loss with all the acronyms... but he was a good communicator so i was able to understand it... our next project entails research on frequency responses of transgenic organisms to replace the blue-light they use right now... our theory this: if transgenic organisms behave differently in an ultra-violight frequency (blue-light in connection with it luminosity) , there must be a particular frequency response function that these transgenics obey...