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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Inan's embarassing moments

"i got alot of mixed reactions"

most embarassing moment would be to stand in front of a my signal processing and spectra analysis class with my fly open.... i couldn't believe my zipper's down... very embarassing... i still even feel embarassed right now... good thing i wore a dark-colored boxer's brief during that time... damn!!! it was really embarassing... the thing is i never went to cr before that class and that was my first class, meaning from house to school, i drove, parked and walked to the faculty area with my fly open... and it was just that class that noticed it... hehehehe... i got alot of mixed reactions, i have to give them 5 additional points to pacify them... hehehe...

"they put trip on me"

the second most embarassing moment would be to sing on stage in a comedy bar in malate... it was my birthday and so i was out with my closest friends... they put trip on me, and placed my name in the performer's list... im not really a good singer - infact i don't sing at all, and all those before me were so damn good... on my turn, i was interviewed by a female and a gay host -- harassed and all that (hehehe)... then it was time to sing, my voice was really not for singing so the hosts ended up singing most of the part... i was so embarassed... when it was all finished, i was going back to my sit, i heard another gay host commenting, "ang galing kumanta ni clifford ah" pertaining to the host who sung most of the song...