Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Monday, November 14, 2005

Let the games begin!

Games included in the PBBFG Tournament 2005 are: Hexxagon, Pacman, Panic Room!, Snake and Tetris.

FHs must log-in in PBBForum using their respective official user ID. At the arcade, go to "View All Tournaments" and start playing.

Only up 8 players can join in a game. Since there are 9 FHs, minus Retchel who failed to register, 1 FH cannot compete. There are five events/games in this tournament, so 5 FHs will lose a chance to play in at least 1 event/game and 4 FHs will have an oppurtunity to play in all events/games. Players will be selected and matched, randomly.

All games in the tournament is single elimination. Winners on first round will face each other and the winners on the second round will battle for the championship.


HEXXAGON (lliryc_41685 will not play)
First match - pia_arreza vs. tsukiji
Second match - meg_sheila21 vs. neil-g
Third match - micamyx vs. mckenneth
Fourth match - edu_the_great vs. shargx

PACMAN (neil-g will not play)
First match - tsukiji vs. micamyx
Second match - shargx vs. meg_sheila21
Third match - mckenneth vs. pia_arreza
Fourth match - edu_the_great vs. lliryc_41685

PANIC ROOM! (edu_the_great will not play)
First match - lliryc_41685 vs. micamyx
Second match - mckenneth vs. meg_sheila21
Third match - pia_arreza vs. shargx
Fourth match - neil-g vs. tsukiji

SNAKE (meg_sheila21 will not play)
First match - pia_arreza vs. edu_the_great
Second match - shargx vs. lliryc_41685
Third match - micamyx vs. neil-g
Fourth match - mckenneth vs. tsukiji

TETRIS (micamyx will not play)
First match - mckenneth vs. edu_the_great
Second match - tsukiji vs.
Third match - meg_sheila21 vs. lliryc_41685
Fourth match - pia_arreza vs. neil_g

Tournament ends on November 21.