Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

FHs on Retchel's exit

Neil TG: retchel quits... that is sad kse we're friends... but again it's their right. i'm seeing a doomsday scenario here like the vpbb houe will cease to exist, lahat ould treat it like just as is... cold, walang interaction...just as whayt is happening now. hm's seem not to be as enthusiastic. or perhaps going very busy like me. anyway life must go on. vpbb is my access to instant relax and reflection, i;d keep it that way til perhaps the hundred days are over. everything is temporary.go on.

Trish: too bad that she quitted.... nabawasan na naman kami! sana nag tiyaga na lang sya tutal almost nasa kalahati na eh.... but anyway, since nakapag decide na sya and wala na akong magagawa.... we'll all i have to do now is is understand and respect her decisions.... andyan na yan eh.... pero syempre NAKAKALUNGKOT nga lang.... and there's someone who'll really feel sad aside from me! hehehehehehehe! actually, 2! hahahahahahhahaha!

to RETCHEL... thanks for being so nice to me from the first time to join this contest... Hope we're still FRIENDS! My FRIENDSTER is always OPEN for YOU nomatter what! If YOU have any problems, BIG man or small.... don't hesitate to leave me a message,ok? God Bless, sis! :) Good Luck in everything you do!

Kenneth: retchel quits?.... waHhaa... +_+ thats sad, tho i dint get to talk to em i noe we culdhve been close... I feel bad kC nag quit sya ng ndi man LNg kmi nkakapag usap!... welpz i wish her gudluck... I'm sure she has that reason Y she quited...

Neil G: Super sad dat she quitted. she was part of d original grp, leavng sheila and i nlng. i understand her syd. she kinda confessed in 1 of our conversations. i knw she finds it hard to find tym 4 FPBB coz my younger bro s also takng up nursing na halos di na natutulog. it was hard 4 her bt it was a good decision. She was brave enough. Nakita ko rin naman kasi yung eagerness nya 2 play somehow kaya nanghihinayang tlaga ako sat she's out f d game. bt, 4 her 2 come ds far... s alredi an accomplishment.

To Retchel: frm day 1, sinabi ko na ur 1 of my favorites. di pa rin nagbago yun. i jst hop ud never 4get any of us and d memories wev had wid FPBB. Gud luck sa studies mo. i'l b missing u.... sigh. ;(

Mica: Why? Why? Why? This news is kinda sad.. hindi lang pala kinda sad talaga... now i know why she's not replying to my messages. She's busy talaga lalo na't she's taking up nursing. Ate Retch, hope we can still be good friends and hope to see yah soon! love yah sis! :P

Edu: i don't even have a chance to talk to her co'z i guess she's so busy and i understand that but incase chel please add me up in your friendster list so i can know you better and be friends with you goodluck to your career and keep pretty:-)

Cyrill: yeah, retchel quit. actually, i was attracted with her! haha... she looks awesome! i think she's kind. (i'm sure she is!) so when i read that she quit, of course i felt bad... but that was her decision. so we should respect her!

Jomar: That's not nice! She's one of the contenders. Ate Retch, it doesn't mean that you failed to do certain tasks mean you should quit. You can simply make up for your mistakes.

Shiela: talaga...sayang naman kase di pa talaga kami ng kausap kahit kami ang mga original na mga members ng PBB (FG)...pero for I undersatand kase like busy din.....good luck girl .....keep in touch ka pa rin dito pag may time....HM just enjoy the game...