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Monday, November 21, 2005

December 15

Taken from Mica's blog:

My mom went to Manila last Saturday for her interview (i don't know where). My mom called me up on her way back here in Dagupan and she told me she'll be leaving by December 15.

My Dad's Birthday is December 14 and she'll be leaving by the 15th.

Honestly, I'm sort of scared (instead of being sad). I'm not sure if I'm capable of handling the responsibilities especially when it comes to my cute autistic brother. My brother and I are getting closer everyday. My mom and I talked about our plans for our future. She's planning to bring me to London after graduation.

My plan is to stay here in the Philippines for at least 2 years for experience. I also wanna work in Japan or Singapore. Isa akong ambisyosa :)

I'm hoping na I can go back to my encoding job. I'm planning to bring my brother to Enchanted Kingdom or StarCity by the time we go Manila. Hope I can give him a Merry Christmas (without my mom and dad)

We have our pics taken via cellphone. I'll post it here tomorrow.