Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Results of the nomination - Jomar is the 3rd evictee!

Jomar received the highest number of points against him (+10 points), Kenneth and Sheila received + 2 points each and Neil TG got + 1 net point (+ 2 pts and - 1 pt nominations).

Even if Jomar becomes the over-all champ in PBBFG Tournament 2005, the 5 pts (to save) is not enough to save him from eviction.

Points to evict: 2 points

Jomar: + 10 pts
Kenneth: + 2 pts., Sheila: + 2 pts., Edu: + 2 pts.
Neil TG: + 2 pts. (net point = + 1 pt. )

Points to save: 1 point

Trish: - 7 pts.
Neil G: - 1 pt.
Neil TG: - 1 pt.

*BIGBAD KUYA will give the PBBFG Tournament Over-All Champion - 5 points.

"ENTOS" - 2 pts to evict jomar I dint get to talk to him even once... and I've got no other choice than to vote him out tho i think its so unfair of me... 1 pt to save trish. we've talked lyk 5 times already and she seems to be cool... =)

"CLIPPED" - im voting out EDU 2 points 4 him. di ko cya maramdaman tlaga. nag expect lng cguro ako masyado sa kanya. every1 was silent lately bt sa kanya, wla tlagang connection. wla nga akong masabi about him ryt nw kasi i didnt get 2 knw him. Sorry, Edui think u hav 2 saving TRISH 1 point 4 her. She deservs 2 b one of d last persons to survive sa game. Trish got 1 of d brightest personalities 2.

"BLINDER" - I nominate JOMAR. Why? Never ko siyang nakausap. I sent him a welcome message dati but he never replied.. Communication is impt in this game. I wanna save TRISH. She's my soul sistah hehehe :)

"PAWFRRRRRT" - 2 points to evict KENNETH. Medyo nayayabangan ako sa kanya. 1 point to save TRISH. Siya ang may pinaka-constant communication sa akin since when I entered the game.

"LANCELOT" - 2 points for Neil TG i cannot relate with him i think he's to stereotyping kinda.. and 1 points for Trish. She's cool and i need to know her more...

"GILAS" - eviction na! ok, i want to give 2pts for Sheila actually, i didnt have any communication with her! maybe that's one reason why, i want to evict her! and 1pt for Trish! She's a good woman She's a good friend!

"BECKHAM" - i vote for Jomar to be evicted, a child prodigy it may seem pero he has to take things slowly... as for now aral ka muna. =P. i save Trish na lang (no explanations needed).

"KRAM" - 2 points to evict Jomar kasi recent lang sya answer ng mga messages ko yung tipong malapit na yung eviction day, pero nung mga 1st days wala tlga akong na-receive na msg from him, di po sya sumasagot.... 1 point to save Neil G coz he's one of my closiest friend here and who really finds time to text/message me, eventhough he's busy with work....

"JESSIE" - 2 point para kay JOMAR , di ko ata sya nakakausap kaya wala me alam sa kanya.....and 1 for NEIL TG...... a responsible and smart guy.....he deserves to stay kahit busy siya sa work....