Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Jomar on his eviction

Kuya, to tell the whole truth, sobrang sama ng loob ko sa mga FHs. Some of them didn't even send communication to me, and now they are saying na communication is the reason of why they are evicting me. Here's a list of the FHs who communicated with me:


Those who added me in Friendster even before I joined the game

Those who added me in Friendster during my tenure in the game

didn't even send messages to me nor even try adding me to Friendster. I'd be totally enraged if the two of them nominated me for the communication reason. I always reply to messages and add friends naman if a message or request is sent.

Nahihirapan akong tanggapin ang aking eviction. Lalo na yung reason ni "Beckham", di ko talaga matanggap. I could balance vPBB with my studies, as what you can see. I predict he is a new FH like me, because he could also have done that to Jeric, who is, like me, in High School.

I can't even think what "Kram" said that I only answered his/her messages recently. As I remember, I always answer messages when sent to me.

"Blinder" also has a reason that makes me hard to accept my eviction. I can't remember anyone sending a welcome message na hindi ko sinagot.

"Entos" and "Jessie" might actually be Edu and Kenneth. They never even sent me a Friendster message or any other communication.

Napakasakit kung malaman ko na isa si Kuya NeilTG o si Ate Trish kina "Jessie", "Entos", "Blinder", "Kram", at "Beckham". Sila ang FHs na close sa akin. They were the ones who really communicate with me (NeilTG during the selection period of the new FHs and Trish during my time in the game).

Thank you very much.