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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mica says...

I never... because...

1. I never had a boyfriend because I'm a bit suplada daw and I'm choosy
2. I never tried drugs because i know the side effects of it
3. I never question God because I know that there's a purpose for everything that is happening to us.
4. I never liked smoking or drinking because It's not good for the health.
5. I never finished the book "The Purpose Driven Life" because of some unreasonable reasons hehe
6. I never read any of the Harry Potter books because I'm afraid that I'll get addicted to it!
7. I never prioritize money over my family because my family is my greatest possession
8. I never went to Visayas or Mindanao because I never had the chance to go there
9. I never dislike my brother Carlo (autistic bro) because I do believe that he's a blessing to me.
10. I never liked a specific sport because I'm not sporty

I always... because...

11. I always pray at night because God is the reason why I'm being blessed with a wonderful family and life
12. I always go online because I'm such an internet addict!
13. I always kiss and hug my brother because he's a sweety boy!
14. I always drink iced tea or green tea during my breaktime because i like it! hehe
15. I always sing the songs of Beyonce and the Spice Girls because of its girl power thingy
16. I always bring my cellphone with me kahit walang load because it saves me from boredom
17. I always post at forums because i love meeting new friends
18. I always join sa activities in school because active talaga ako
19. I always dance infront of the mirror because i want to be a performer
20. I always watch korean movies like "My Sassy Girl" because these movies rock!

I will never... again because...

21. I will never disobey my mom again because it will make her cry
21. I will never take my education for granted because education is the key for a brighter future
22. I will never focus to one guy na alanganin coz it hurts to know the fact na he's gay pala
23. I will never spank my bro too hard because nakakakonsensya
24. I will never watch a movie with Ryza Cenon in it because she's the worst Starstruck Survivor ever
25. I will never watch a Harry Potter movie because I'm not a big fan talaga
26. I will never fall in love with a guy who considers love a Game. Mahirap nang masaktan
27. I will never choose a guy over my brother kc ang lalaki wpd palitan ang kpatid hindi!
28. I will never backstab a friend unless sya ang nauna
29. I will never ever say I Love You if i don't really mean it
30. I will never give up my blogging because my blog is my outlet

I regret... because...

31. I regret the time i posted some details about my job in my blog because it is the reason why they fired me :P
32. I regret the time I considered this one guy as my bestfriend because he betrayed me
33. I regret the time i didn't study hard in my Discrete Math class because my final grade in that subject is the reason why i am disqualified for the student govt
34. I regret the time i didn't study well in algebra and trigo because i got a line of 7 grade!
35. I regret the day i missed the chance to meet Emma Bunton because she's a spice girl!
36. I regret the day my Spice Girls collection disappeared because they're all collectors item!
37. I regret the day i said G@g0 to my friend because we didn't talk for a year!
38. I regret the day I did not fight for the dance competition back in high school because mas deserving ako for that spot!
39. I regret the day my dad died because i wasn't able to show him how much i love him
40. I regret the day I wrote a letter to my crush kc wlang talab sa knya

I wish... because...

41. I wish I'll have a boyfriend by next yr because NBSB ako :P
42. I wish to meet the spicegirls because i love them!
43. I wish to have a happy xmas
44. I wish that my Dad is with the Lord God now
45. I wish my mom will be happy in Scotland when she arrives there. hope she 'll avoid the racist 46. I wish i'll be included in a reality tv show like pbb
47. i wish that all my wishes will come true
48. i wish to be the sexiest woman in the world (haha)
49. I wish this survey ends
50. I wish mageyeball na kaming lahat ng fh!