Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Neil TG

1-10. I never... because...
1. i never go places where i know my personal security would be breached because I dont like to be in trouble
2. i never tell things that I think I can not do because its a prerequisite that I wont be able to do it.
3. i never sound pessimistic/negative when I give my initial statements, because I am a universal optimist/idealist
4. i never wanted to finish this complete the statement in a day or two, unless I got this spontaneity in me because I do not believe in the concept
5. i (will) never finish this never sentences because I find it never ending, and I grow impatient ..hehehe

11-20. I always... because...
11. i always go to the dentist regularly because i want a healthy set of teeth.
12. i always stock up my lab supplies because i don't like my work interrupted for negligence.
13. i always floss my teeth for same reasons as number 11.
14. i always wanted to travel the whole of the philippine islands because it inspires me to believe theres a bright future for our people in spite of our current situation on poverty, politics and culture of apathy.
15. i always wanted to support one asia movement because there is a need to correct the history books for the wrong point of views projected in pro western history books
16. I always leave things to divine intervention whenever I am faced with tasks seemed impossible.

21-30. I will never... again because...
21. i will never go out of control with tequila again, because it took me a week to recover when i hit
22. i will never provoke an argument that I can not get away with again, because it left me in the lurch disgraced, tainted etc.
23. i will never sneak in to a girls dorm again, because I really felt ashamed when they reprimanded me so was for my g-f. hehehe
24. i will never grrr hehehehe because its useless.

31-40. I regret... because...
31. i regret to have not done the football clinic when i was five because i could have been a starplayer by now. hehehe.
32. i regret to not continue these regret statements because it is not my attitude to regret it brings in negative vibes so much as the mood of resentment. sorry. i just want to move forward in life. =P
33. I (will) regret to argue with you bbk if you would force me to finish this hehehehe because I am generally a peaceful person

41-50. I wish... because...
41. i wish i do not leave car keys inside the car because i don't want commuting back home just to get the duplicate key (been into several times... grrr.)
42. i wish to renew my passport soon because it expired last september, so it means that i'm restricted to local travels only.
43. i wish to have my career visions fulfilled because i really want to help humanity.
44. i wish the world is much less complicated because living life would be more simple.
45. i wish the filipino people would unite again for one nationalist cause that would make us move forward to greatness because i have this conviction that we can be really prosperous as a nation.
46. I wish scientific research and development in our country would be given more funding by anyone who cares