Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Monday, November 28, 2005

Edu quits

Edu: bigbad, i think i need to say goodbye i have alot things going on right now and i hope you and my housemate can forgive me on this and i hope they will understand lalo na si trish i'll let you know nalang trish o.k stay as sweet and pretty as you are your the best girl keep it up my fellow housemate sorry gal's n' guy's lalo na doon sa nag-vote sakin na i didn't meet her/his expectation i wish you know me more so hindi ka nag-expect but is cool no problem thats why bigbad make this game to enjoy and there's alot people outhere that can focus and really enjoy this site i decided to quit co'z of job related matter but you still can be my friends you know and just e-mail me i'll do my best to reply o.k goodluck to all housemate it's been fun and really cool to be apart of this fantasygame and im hoping to seeuall in person i think that would be cool and tight...chow..thanks bigbro from having me here :-)