Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cyrill says...

" I never-sentences "

1 I never quit on pbbfg because i am cyrill.
2 I never hurt someone as possible because there's karma.
3 I never choose a friend because i am friendly [haha...]
4 I never go w/o my cp because it's half of me.
5 I never leave at home w/o my wallet because i will lost.
6 I never leave my family because they are my life.
7 I never refuse problems because i am strong.
8 I never doubt with my abilities because i know myself.
9 I never play a game of chance because life is once.
10 I never let someone "apakan 'yung family ko" because "makakapatay ako!"

"I always-sentences"

11 I always brush my teeth because its an asset.
12 I always take a bath because i need it.
13 I always write anything on paper because i dont know.
14 I always read headlines because i am aware...
15 I always watch tv during my free time at home because it entertain me.
16 I always talk to my mom because i love her.
17 I always play with my nephew because i love them.
18 I always put my cp on my pocket because that's me.
19 I always pray because its a habit.
20 I always listen to music because it relax me.

"I will never-sentences"

21 I will never drink at night alone again because you do not know who are the people surrounds you.
22 I will never use drugs again because once is enough.
23 I will never commit a relationship again if i'm not sure because it's bad!
24 I will never take a bath again in a river naked because there's someone behind that tree. (haha!)
25 I will never leave a friend again in a party because she will slap you the following day.
26 I will never sing at jukebox again if im not yet drunk because it might rain.
27 I will never say a bad words again in front of my instructor because she might give you a failing grade.
28 I will never tell anyone again that i used drugs because there's gossip.
29 I will never sleep wearing only underwear at my friend house again because they are naughty.
30 I will never go to a gay friend drunk again because the following day there's a hang over.

"I regret-sentences"

31-40 " kuya honestly, i dont have any regrets in
my life! "

"I wish-sentences"

41 I wish i can please everyone because i need it.
42 I wish everyone knows how to forgive because i commanded.
43 I wish i can forget all my bad memories in the past because it was a misery.
44 I wish i am a superhero because the world needs it.
45 I wish i am a superstar because i like it.
46 I wish i can fly because i want to see the wonders of the world in one day.
47 I wish this christmas everyone are happy because this is the time.
48 I wish i am einstein because i'll give a damn my physics intructor.
49 I wish i have a better future someday because i am doing it right now.
50 I wish everyone learn to love each other because war is no-no in this world.