Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nomination for the 4th Eviction

Nomination process:
1. Each FH is given 3 - point votes: 2 - point vote to evict a FH, and 1 - point vote to save a FH.
2. The total of 2 - point votes received by a FH will be substracted by the accumulated 1 - point votes he/she received.
3. The FH with the highest point will be evicted.
4. No FH can vote for him/herself and FH with immunity. FHs cannot assign his/her 3 - point votes to same FH.
5. Nomination runs from until 6PM Monday. FHs who failed to nominate before the deadline will automatically receive 5 - point votes from BB Kuya.
6. Results will be announced 9PM
Monday or until all ballots are in.
7. FHs must submit their votes with explanations why they voted against and for those particular FHs.
8. FHs must provide his/her codename. Names of the voters and the nominees will not be revealed until 6PM Monday.