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Sunday, December 25, 2005

FHs' Most Memorable Christmas

Kenneth: ahhha,.. probly xmas ko sa pinas... i went carollin with 2 other close friends...(guy&gal)... then xmpre noche buena... so ppl wuld have that "inuman" kinah thing sa tabi ng kalsada... then Ung mga senglot na naglalasing called us... tpos.. pinkanta kmi.. supposedly... we wer juz gona sing xmas songs... pinakanta kmi kun ano ano... wwaHHaa.. "april boy"... some "2x meaning songs" mga kntang kalye... "parokya" and all that... gud thing they gave us money... prolly P10 pero song... WWeHh... was fun!... tpos pg uwi... sa ibng bahay.. hinbol p kmi ng aso... i was pretty small.. and slow so ako lagi Ung nahuhuli pg takbuhan na... lyk pg my lasing... or pg madadaanan nmin Ung hunted house "dw" sa place namin!.. well we wer childish then.. kC I think we wer 11 or 12 that tym!..

Neil G: THE LAST CHRISTMAS WITH OUR FAVORITE PET DOGevery christmas s memorable 2 me and i cant even pick 1 to b d most memorable... i think id hav 2 go wid christmas day last year. it has been a tradition here in cebu dat every christmas eve, people wud go outside der houses and start lighting up d firecrackers and fireworks at exactly midnight. at home, we had 4 dogs dat we luv so much. it's reali funny bcoz hearing d loud noises outside d house, deyd run lyk crazy dogs around d house and luk 4 wat dey think was a safe place 2 hide. dogs hav very sensitiv ears so it must have seemed being in d middle of a battlefield 2 dem.we had no idea dat d christmas last year wud b d last christmas wed b spending wid all four of our dogs. 1 just died last november. a half japanese spitz which had been wid d family 4 more dan 10 yrs already. she had been our first ever dog. i reali feel sad coz dat dog was reali reali close 2 us. she'd run 2 mit us even if wer stil 20mts away, shed sleep under our feet giving d feel of a very soft blanket... and she was d most obedient and sweetest dog wev ever's reali sad dat she's nt gonna b wid us ds christmas....

Neil TG: my top choices are:1.) christmas in the late 80's when the whole family was struck with flu. and i think i somewhat started it.hehehe.2.) yuletide 2000-2001, when the christmas eve dinner was themed as the anti-climax of the season... hehehe. we had tulingan, balut, and mango salsa... forget the usual christmas fares of fruit cake, ham - traditionally majestic or excellente, edam cheeseballs.3.) the christmas night of 2002, when after the strictly family affair dinner, i skipped out the dessert to be with my latest "ex-future love" at the time...hehehe. too bad, that later i discovered that she's got a boyfriend back in her home country.