Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Trish did not quit! - NEIL G

I think wat she meant by voting herself out was dat she had no choice but 2 vote her self out bcoz she ran out of an FH to vote out.

dat was d exact reason y i voted 4 neil tg instead of myself on d 2nd to d last eviction bcoz voting my self out is non sense. i wud hav wanted 2 save neil tg coz i beliv he deserves 2 win.

so u mean dat if i voted myself out on d 2nd to d last eviction... u wud hav considered it as quitting? huh?

... y wud som1 quit on d 99th day? trish may hav voted herself out but it did not mean she quitted! it feels bad bcoz she voted herself out instead of me lyk a true frend wud do 2 a frend....

i totally disagree wid ur assumption of it as QUITTING.

isipin mo nang ako ang pinakamareklamo sa lahat ng mga housemates bt u knw dat i only react wen i see somthng wrong, ryt? it's unfair, bbk.

.................................. oo nga at navote out pa rin c trish sa eviction na yun but nasan na ang dignity.... d sacrifice she gave 4 som1 else?

pakirestate naman ng binigay mong judgement kay trish......


thank u.