Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Message from Mica

Since my co-evictee gave his reaction about pbbfg,
I must also grab this opportunity to give my
reaction regarding the game.

First of all, I wanna thank BBK for choosing me to
be a new housemate ( im not included in the
original list.. if m not mistaken, i am Esti's
replacement). A lot of forumers from wants to join the game and luckily,
you chose me!

I never thought I'll love this game. At my first week
at the game, Atat ako plagi magonline since the
housemates are friendly and we were given our
solo tasks. Sad lang when some had to quit pero
happy na rin coz newbies joined the game.

To the old members (evicted and the quitters)
thanks for the friendship! Ka chat ko pa rin
regularly yung iba at katxt. I'm thankful I met you

TRISH - Sis! hehe thanks for your support! Too bad
hanggang dito na lang talaga eh. I enjoyed chatting
with you at mga kakikayan natin sa txt! hehe :)
hope after the game magkita pa rin tayo and let's
do some "boy hunting"! hahahaha :) i love yah sis
wish ko lang mameet mo na yung right guy para
mag brides maid na ako! hehehe

NEIL TG - Thanks for being a good kuya to me. Ang
bait mo sobra! I admire you rin kasi ur the nerdy
guy who knows how to have fun! ur a good dancer
too lol :P

SHEILA - Sorry sa pagvote out ko sayo.. Alam ko
naman kasi na malakas ka dito eh hehe :) tnx for
the quotes and for making me feel welcome nung
eyeball natin. Sana di ka magalt sa akin ha?

NEIL G (THE Seducer lol) - Remember that? haha :)
oo nga eh among the HM din ikaw ang least na
nakakausap ko.. ur busy with work din ata hehe :)
hope ur happy right now and active ang... alam mo
na! hehe

KENNETH - dude! thanks 4 d msg! yup, i really
wanna stay pero ganun talaga :) at least I've
learned a lot from the members of this game.
Thanks for being there nung medyo senti ako nung
christmas ( alam mo na un hehe). hope to meet
you soon! uwi ka na kasi hehe

Yan lang po muna.. Sana sa mga members try to
audition sa PBB 2 . Let' s prove na ang virtual
housemates kaya rin makipagsabayan sa reality tv!
AJA! hehe