Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Sunday, January 01, 2006


KENNETH and MICA, Evicted!

Kenneth - 5
Mica - 3
Sheila - 2
Neil G -1
Neilt TG - 1
Trish - 0

MICA: hmmm... this one is hard! I'll be evicting Neil G coz i think siya ang hindi ko ka-close sa game... the other one is kenneth (sorry dude! im soooo sorry!) kasi mas bago siya... sorry ha game lang po... hope di kayo magalit - HOLLA

NEIL TG: hi bbk i am pulispatolagusto ko mapalayas sina: kenneth at mica... for both of them, nothing personal guys... in fact wabs ko kayo... lalo na c mica... pro the game says 2 has to go... and ur next on my list. sorry. =P... this is just but a game. friends pa rin tayo definitely. cheers.

NEIL G: im voting out MICA. among all of us, she had been d least i had communications with. Alam ko she s a nyc girl and dat shes frendly. im really sorry, mica. we had 2 cast our votes. nothing also voting out KENNETH. i think hndi cya nkakasundo ng ibang housemates. he s actuali a nyc guy... but gusto ko pa ring matira ang original cast. i wana giv credit 2 som1 hu had been wid FPBB since day1. nothing personal. im reali case i had 2 vote 4 som1 to save, im saving TRISH. sa mga natira, kabado akong som1 wud vote her out.bbk, y d sudden change? eto na yata ang pinakamahirap na votation. huhuhu.;(

TRISH: CODENAME: BATMAN Im voting for KENNETH because i really haven't heard from him and so that he can concentrate to his studies.... and im also voting for SHEILA so that she can concentrate to her being a "teacher"...

(submitted 2nd ballot, invalid) MICA: First one kay Neil G coz i think sya ung nagvote out sa akin before and wr not dat close... im sure din naman ako lang magnominate sa knya and my 2nd vote goes to Sheila coz i think malakas siyang kalaban and no one will vote her off... - stickwitu-

SHEILA: kenneth and mica........i want the original members...happy new year..... sana meron codename kase bk mag kasamaan ng loob....if in case "carrot" ang codename ko..thank you ..sana ma consider mo ang request ko..thank you

KENNETH: Neil TG Shiela