Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You are reading the escapades of our Fantasy Housemates
FHs have played PBBFG for: 100 days

For 100 days, complete strangers network to play as Virtual Housemates (VHs) and to form a small community online. VHs' activities, online journals, Friendster accounts, blogs, personal websites etc. will be monitored by BigBad Kuya (BBK). VHs' activities will be posted in this blog, the game's Virtual House (vHouse). Anyone can visit vHouse/read PBBFG blog. Readers/visitors may leave comments on the VHs and on the game however VHs cannot reply on them, discuss the issues among themselves or justify their actions.

VHs and BBK communicate mainly through the Internet. All information and matters discussed during the game can be used in the game. The nomination process evicts people from the vHouse.

Big Winner - Runner Up - Quit - Evicted