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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Neil TG's embarrasing moments

naku matagal na, and besides sanay ako with bloopers... it's how u take them matters... dapat hindi ka mawawalan ng self-confidence kahit gano pa man kaka dyahe....

"from then on hindi ko na cya nakalimutan, she's a very nice, and warm girl"

anyway here goes, freshman ako nun sa college, i usually visit the blockmate chey at her dorm... anyway she's the baby of our block, lives in an all girls dorm, at which one time i was introduced to them.

then one day sa main libray i was checking out the catalog cards, wala pa kse OPAC nun, then wala pla ako paper so i blurted out naku san kya ako kukuha ng paper... then suddenly someone, i think overheard me and generously said "neil, I have paper, just take some... so i was amazed, kse kilala ako ng girl who has a striking resemblance to "rio diaz", then i was kind of shocked to remark "how did you know me? cno ka? hehehe..

then she replied... "sira ako c ritty, yun dormate ni chey... kaw ha? from then on hindi ko na cya nakalimutan, she's a very nice, and warm girl" everytime we meet we just exchange smiles. funny but i was embarrased that time.

"i felt like cool below the belt..."

dati may tournament kme ng soccer/football then hindi ako lumaro for a reason i can't remember anymore. e di sa bench kme ng ibang team was so happy we're winning, at some point it heard a snap, something tore.... then something went lose... i felt like cool below the belt... know i realized that my pants in my croth area tore at the opne field... hehehehe, buti na lan sunset ma, hindi in broad daylight, so i walked slowly towards my building to see kung meron pa akong extra clothes... funny, bu t i told everyone, hey guys my croth are was torn... evrybody laughed...

"then i heard another snap..."

similar situation when we were about to go home, 2 days before christmas, we backpacked to san fernando then to 100 islands, so sa bus... i think i was wearing my jeans couture that time ( the designer now dead, murdered by a filipino), i was talking with my butt bent, to the our travelmates in the front seayt of the bus, then i heard another snap... then i realized, my jeans was torn in the butt area... exposing my boxers...hehehe. so what i did was to put over my football shorts over the pants... but it was good... i mad a fashion statement... even the people at the stopovers cant ressit a second-look... years later, like 3 years after, the thing became in for a period of time... also i think this year, i think it's the 200506 summer collection of D&G adopted the same style for men. cool!hehehe.