Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

3 FHs have accepted BB Kuya's invitation; 1 is still undecided

Three of our male Fantasy Housemates namely Bryan, Jake and Neil, were the firsts to accept BigBad Kuya's invitation. Sheila, the first female FM to reply, showed interest however she hasn't decided whether she will join or not.
Only less than an hour after BB Kuya hit the "send" button in his message page in Friendster, the first FH responded to Kuya's call. Bryan, the 22 year-old fashionista from Manila, was the first to give confirmation to the invitation.

He requested, "Will you please change the photos that I have on that page? My photos are terrible!". He provided the links of the photos he wished to replace them.

Neil was the second FH to answer Kuya's call. He thought the Fantasy Game was okay. He was possitive about it.

He wrote, "...i get 2 discover wat pipol think of me. it's gonna an opportunity to meet mor frnds 2." However, the yuppy from Cebu resquested, "to leave som privacy up to som point."

Neil declared that he isn't an "exhibitionist" neither a "bisexual" as what the description says in his profile, written by BB Kuya himself.

The third reply came from FH Jake, an 18-year old college student fro Las PiƱas. He thought that the Fantasy Game is cool much more becoming part of it. He permitted BB Kuya to use his photos as well as few of his testimonials. He had one request though, to delete them when the game is over.

Jake wrote, "pumayag ako cuz i find it interesting as well... sorry but i dont have a blog..."

[BB Kuya later asked Jake to create a blog so the forumers could track what he does etc. In his second message to BB Kuya, he wrote, "i'm makin one right now (his blog)."]

Sheila, a teacher from Bacolod, was the first female FH to respond. She was confused at the same time flattered for she was chosen.

The teacher wrote, "ha? why me? i can share opinions with regards about life,,,,,and i want to share that to other people.....kung may damaged sa reputation as teacher ...di me papayag.....any way salamat sa pag pili sa akin.....if you just want an opinion then im willing to share as long as no silly thing na pwding mang yari......."

BB Kuya explained to her the purpose of the game. He told her that it would be fun.

BB Kuya will give a week or two, the rest of the FHs who haven't responded yet, including Sheila, to decide.