Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Monday, October 17, 2005

DAY THIRTEEN - Malpractice

It’s been quite a while I didn’t post on this blog, because school ruins my whole life! I have many things to do, like assignments, projects, review for upcoming examinations and stuffs. Good news for me! I got my licenses renewed for Pinoy Big Brother 24/7 Live Feed. You could see a mirror of PBB Live Stream by clicking on the link located on the sidebar, just a reminder the mirror of PBB Live Stream is not 24/7. If there is good news there is a bad news, malpractice in the Philippines is so rampant and this really irritates me! A while ago, Mister & Miss Earth NDGM 2005 were held on our school, the school AV (Audio Visual) technician ruins the whole pageant. First, the AV technician didn’t have enough microphones for the performers – FORGIVEN! Then after the microphones we’re set-upped (which eats a lot of our time), the AV Technician said to the performers that there tape is broken, OMG! How can this happen? The performers used the tape before the pageant and it was on its right condition, so the tape is broken, the intermission number is postponed. I felt bad for the performers who practiced for the number and sacrifice their classes just to practice – UNFORGIVEN. Next, female candidate for Mr. & Ms. Earth NDGM 2005 will sing for her talent portion, she uses a karaoke CD. When the AV Technician played the Karaoke CD it has voice, so he removed the voice (Karaoke Function) and poof!! The sounds are out! The female candidate is standing on the stage for about 30 minutes without doing nothing, because of the AV Technician who doesn’t know how to enable the karaoke function. Its already 3:50 PM, our dismissal time is 4:10 PM, the female candidate haven’t started here talent portion. Then some parents started to go inside the Control Booth checking the condition of the AV technician. After HOURS of waiting the talent portion started. Before the pageant ended, the COLOURS exited, and POOF! The AV technician played the song “Pinoy Ako” instead of playing drum rolls. This is not the first time that MR. DONN CORREA, the AV TECHNICIAN of NOTRE DAME OF GREATER MANILA, malpractice, he does it every time we have our program, even masses!