Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Neil G's task
Thursday, October 13, 2005 10:23:00 AM

wat i did was directly askd evry housemates. wla ng paligoyligoy pa. i was reali hesitant on askng bout brand of undies on grls thinkng id rude and dahil bka masampal lng ako kng possible and on guys kasi bka masabi nilang bading ako. ano nga ba namn business ko sa undies nila? hehehe.

  • INAN - Jockeys boxers - Yun nga inisip ni INAN, although he had doubts bout those questions. he has a quick mind. mr detectiv kasi. i found out din sa msgs nya dat we hav a lot of interests in common.
  • TRISH - Victoria's Secret - TRISH, d most talkativ, was d frst 2 reply wid a very long msg (parang novel). surprisd ako dat she was so open bout d undies thing. thank god. wla daw prob sa kanya. and wow. she's reali tall nga pala - 5'9"!
  • NEIL TG - 2(x)sist - den neil tg hu constantly comunicates wid me, sent me a msg and more msgs pa pero wasnt able 2 answr coz he had 2 do somthng else daw. bt finally gave me answers after 2 days pero may kapalit yun na favor din nya. hehehe. i think i know y. hehehe.
  • JAY - no specific brnd but wearing - nxt, JAY replied bt gave no spefic brand. a man wid few words.
  • JAKE - Hanes - JAKE answerd wid a few lines din lyk wat i did wen i askd for d answers. he didnt ask further questions.
  • SHEILA - no particular brand - Shiela was nxt hu, lyk jay, gave no particular brand. she askd questions din related sa skul. teacher nga. sa kanya ako pinakanahirapan coz asyd frm d fact she s a teachr. frst msg ko pa 2 her. pero so far, parang ok lng din.
  • JOPHE - Di rin naman pahuhuli c jophie on being madaldal. [she gave me her skul bt] *she was silent bout d undies. i learnd dat although shes frm aklan, she doesnt knw hw 2 speak ilonggo. i was hoping kasi we cud talk in ilonggo. marunong din kasi ako.
  • RETCHEL - Herbench - At nagreply na rin c recthel who in turn asked about my phobias. y? she feared dogs daw. hndi pala nya magugustuhan dogs ko.
  • JERIC - Carter - JERIC was d last 2 submit his answers. maybe he became reali busy wid skul. sinagot lng nya ang msg ko lyk fill in d blanks sa questionaire.
  • I didnt wait nlng 4 ESTI's reply since his skul is already written in his profile. bka kasi maabutan ako ng deadline. ["OR" lng naman requirement. hndi "AND". so hndi compulsory ang undies.]*

the task was fun coz asyd from knowng bout d undies (hehehe), i got to know more bout dem and their personalities. naging closer ako with trish, inan, of course d other neil and jophie. i enjoy our conversation a lot kahit thru msgs lng. d task didnt turn out 2 b dat hard. salamat na din sa mga housemates hu r reali friendly and open-minded. i hope i get d immunity.... crossing my fingers....=D

* BigBad Kuya's mistake: NEIL G was tasked to ask ONLY the label/brand of his fellow FHs' favorite undies.