Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Trish on Esti Part II

I would like to take this opportunity to make an apology to my co-FH for being so mad regarding to one of our co-fh... Ginawa ko lang ang alam kong tama..... He doesn't have any right to judge us... He don't even know us.... Dahil kung may pinag aralan tlga syang tao..... alam nya kung anu ang nakaka-sakit sa ibang tao at ang hindi.... And besides, if he's nothing against us nor the maker of VPBB.... Why does he have to react that way! Bakit porke ba fantasy lang itong game na ito eh he's saying na ang mga VPBB na FH eh mga alang magawa or walang isip? Well, YOU HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT FIRST DUDE! Kaya nga im very thankful for having such parents like my mom and dad, kasi kahit papaano they thought about what right and wrong and teach me how to respect other people and not to judge them by not really knowing them first!!!!
I know from the start, na pag ginawa ko ang mga bagay na ito.... eh maraming magagalit sa akin which i really expected na.... My point in doing such acts is to let ESTI know that "WE".... The FANTASY HOUSMATES already have that bond..... A bond of true friendship.... YES... maybe he is STUPID.... He's STUPID because he let go of something he would tresure and won't forget for the rest of his life! ANd knowing how CLOSE we are now.... and how "WE" respects each others feelings.....
I hope the rest of my co-FH will give their reactions regarding ESTI's words.... Just be urself friends..... and know what u really feel towards his comments.....

Neil G's comment: I'm wid u 100%, dude. I felt d same way. nagalit din ako sa sinabi nya. if he reali wanted 2 quit, den he shud hav done it without saying anything bad about d game or any of d housemates. he never knew wat we hav ryt nw s geuine feeling - a frendship na kahit thru internet lng ay still i think wud last.