Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Thursday, October 13, 2005

DAY NINE - "I'm feeling stupid" - Esti

stating the obvious

if anyone of you who have been reading my blog from head to toe for the last few weeks have noticed, there's only a small hint of this fantasy game that i've been chosen to play. (for reasons, i still don't know)

yup, there's the link down there at the referring web pages from the pinoy big brother fantasy game. and just right now i'm feeling...


what the heck had i gotten into...

just now i logged-in to my friendster account and i'm flooded by numerous friend requests and messages, all bearing the same distinct and awful bad taste of someone ordering everyone around at the darn same time.

come on, there's one guy asking me if i watch adult movies - oh yes, i really do watch them adult movies. movies like saving private ryan, pay it forward. that's an adult movie. pfft.

then another one is asking me my underwear brand after a long litany of reacting to my really want to know? i don't.

"are you taking drugs?" and he/she's really worried about her friend who's taking it, blah blah blah.

and another one, my favorite food.

the final blow (although in terms of the order in which they came -- this comes first) jumps right out of the screen and into the keyboard, ordering my fingers to start typing messages and crafting witty stories into coercing these people to spill more details of their lives so that i may complete a weekly task. sheeeesh!

it's not that i really didn't expect this from the very first start. i actually expected the game to go kapffft after a few days or weeks.

but what's the point of ordering everyone around at the very same time with the identical tasks? hmmmm... so i guess there's going to be a double eviction this week in this game.

take the hint: i'm not going to do this stupid task of yours, not that i can't do it. i don't have the time to engage in these activities of yours and this whole game, even the original show where this game was taken from really is a violation of the principles that i have tried to uphold in my life.

there's plenty more things that matter most to me: God, family, friends, work, love life. and this game is like the nth in the list.

it's like the stating the obvious: i quit.

DISCLAIMER: I really don't have anything against anyone, even the makers of the game or the people who were included in this post. i won't claim to be your friends, nor your enemies.. if in any way our paths cross in the physical world, then maybe--- just maybe, we'll be friends.

(so don't expect me to approve those friend requests... my friendster account is for those that i have actually met and interacted with in the real world.)

God bless to everyone that this post is intended to be. if this is not you -- scram!