Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Monday, October 10, 2005

Inan and Neil G on Bryan's exit

BigBad Kuya asked Inan to react on Bryan's exit.

Inan wrote:

"bryan, the fashionista?"

"well, i messaged him before, he didn't reply... it took every iota of "kakapalan ng mukha" just for me to message him kasi nga i didn't know how to approach him... there's something kasi in the word fashionista that spells "conyotic"... saka mukha syang suplado..."

"i didn't like the way he stated his reasons... well probably he can say it on a nicer, less ungrateful way... but that is probably who he is... and that is how he talk..."

"it would be nice to have a girl fh to replace him para medyo mas balance..."

"honestly, i couldn't care less if he leaves, kasi nga di pa naman kami nagkakausap... isa pa, if he is really busy, then he really has to leave..."

Neil G, comments, "D Uma of d grp s evicted. so sad bout bryan leavng Bahay ni BB Kuya. ;( "