Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

DAY ONE - First impression lasts?

Fantasy Housemates are asked by BigBad Kuya to give their impression on their fellow Fantasy Housemates.

Here are what the FHs say about their fellow FHs:


  • he's such a FASHIONISTA!!!!! I love his BLOG!!!!
  • personal favorite ko sina retchel and bryan. der lyk cass and uma (hu by d way are my favorite 2) sa PBB. hehehe.
  • I love the way he gets up.. very unique..
  • i don't know... just one word: "uncomfortable"...
  • could be snob, but since he's some "nouveau riche", there's something in him that's "bakya" beyond skin deep, these characteristics can be a very good combination that spells "out-right fun and adventure in full 3d color"; just hope he's in the right perspective to utilize this tool
  • real fashionista??? i see him as FRANZEN
  • daredevil, is that you? he really likes wearing sunglasses (wow ang deep ng FI).
  • FASHIONISTA indeed!!


  • for me he is a happy-go-lucky guy! He can be a serious guy or a practical joker..... In short, he'll do everything to prove to everyone his worth!!!!
  • Iskolar ng Bayan! galing!
  • ah, i have no idea... but i think he's quite a nice read... galing magsulat, i went over his blog site, and naiinggit kaya gawa din ako... cool, pare...
  • the "moderated (in the sense he's not flaunting it and yet u feel the intensity)" intellect, who knows where to stand his ground. and talk about six degrees of separation, much less like: he was my younger bro's HS classmate and science project team mate, his mom was my module professor in molecular biocomputing; graduated from the same HS and university... i expect the"instant connect" with him, hopefully for the best. wat a small world.
  • heavygat yata ang level ng utak hope i can jive with him
  • scholar ng bayan? such a lucky guy..


  • he's the chinito-look- guy "kuno" hehehehehe! I find him FUNNY!!!! I think he's kindda COOL too!
  • ideal instructr. if i had been younger, id want him 2 be my teachr kasi pwede maging barkada. hehehe.
  • loves photo shoots?? andami kase photos sa friendster ehehe.. ibaba pose.
  • i think we can connect, i sense in him a balance of thoughts and ideas... not too extreme, not too boring but very real. i hope i connect to him well.
  • looks interesting...Look-a like ni Jb
  • spends a fair amount of time on the net. knows himself inside and out -- that's good. saludo ako kasi teacher.
  • cute guy.. pwdeng model.


  • Jacob's CUTE huh! That's all I can say!!!!!
  • biggest threat cguro c jake. u knw d answer. hehehe
  • he look friendly...
  • c JASON, i have no idea about ... um, my bad, its JAKE pala...
  • let's see on what common ground/s we stand and from there we'll take off. just hope no silly age-gaps clash of ideas
  • mysterious...he looks like yummy sam in his some pic..
  • admittedly, first impression: metrosexual. (welcome to the club, bro)
  • cute and mysterious with a devil-may-care smile.. nice catch...


  • A Kuya and A Father Figure! And A FRIENDLY BOSS.... i guess?!!!! :)
  • breadwinner...
  • i wouldn't mess with this guy...
  • most experienced guy in terms of work and family-life; "family man, goal-oriented in-house big brother"
  • big boss??? Big brother is that you???heheheh
  • damit laman ng profile. well based sa photos na nakita ko sa friendster nya eto mga first impression ko sa kanya: palabiro, really loves his kid (and histwo sexytaries)
  • a responsible one.. i guess??
  • He's the little BILLY GATES, a kid who loves to operate a computer.... he's simple and yet A family oriented person...
  • Finally, d "baby" of d group s born. ikw na cguro ang baby ng bahay. hehehe. first he said he was 20, now he made it 16. d others may not knw ds bt he's actualy 14. Y hide ur age, dude? we knw your d youngest bt it doesnt mean your d least person we'd most likely get along with. i hav read your profile and was impressed dat uv been working with computers already at a young age. hndi pa puro games like wat ur ka-age may be fond of these days.
  • hmmm, i don't know... it's kinda weird to have someone as young as this kid to be busying himself of this stuff... i mean, boy, your responsibility is to study... (well, i guess that will bounce back to something like "man, your responsibility is to work")... ehehe...
  • the "youngest"; a walking prodigy; probably i'll ask him and estee about programming, (since i'm currently developing my interest on it) and the three of us talking using the binary hex code! lolz
  • very young boy but a smart one ( im guessing here..) Just kidding
  • too young! if friendster was really strict on their age limit, malamang out ka na. pero hindi eh. dunno really kung ano ang masasabi ko about jeric. dunno din kung talagang dapat ba sya dito. you have a lot of potential. just hoping he doesn'tturn out to be an anti-social techie or something.
  • thats pretty tough.. anyway theres nothing wrong about being the youngest of all PBBF housemates..


  • she's a KIKAY and a FASHIONISTA and a COOL girl in 1! That also loves to drink!!!!
  • fashionista..
  • i think she's cute, being an aklanon, she might have some edge... i would love to be friends with her and hope i get invited to bora...
  • physically she strikes me, and since she's from aklan, i just hope she likes mudcrabs... i'd be delighted to prepare her some of my "sweet chili crab- (trust me, since i hand carry food in the plane,a nd give more importance to it rather than my luggage" or course mix her up some cocktail of her choice... but i recommend her to try my "alchemy"
  • sayaw kikay, sayaw kikay.
  • kikay.. she looks sweet..


  • i guess Neil dj's an ADVENTURIST!!!!! he loves meeting people and exploring things and places too!
  • hmm.. adventurous persons.. and loves to eat like him
  • at 27, and doing graduate studies, you're on the right track dude...
  • i think he is friendly.. as what Kris Aquino usually says "may tama ka!!"
  • matalino. intense pleasure experienced while tackling matters of academic interests.
  • tnx for the invites.. such a friendly type of person


  • Neil is the friendliest among all the housemates.... he's a HUNK!!!!!
  • friendly
  • quickest dude to welcome me in... thanks... but i don't like the layer of seemingly exhibitionism on his skin...
  • the first to befriend me, and hopefully my senses judge him right as my potential partner in crime at the VH; riot to 'tol especially in unleashing the "darkside of the force"....hehehe; seriously, we can discuss art and design.
  • i dont feel guy showing his body...just my opinion
  • hmmm... player?
  • the guy who loves to show his body..


  • she's LOVABLE.....she can say anything about a person as long as he has feelings for him/her....very vocal
  • i think she's cool... she seems very (how do i put it?) nice (there, safe!!!)...
  • down to earth HS teacher where i can be her student in child psychology... need to connect up with the kids, who at their tender young age may have the brightest ideas around
  • From the city of sweet smile? smile nga dyan gurl...
  • ate/nanay figure in the group.
  • a girl with a nice smile... kung lahat ng teacher ay may gnyang smile.. lahat siguro gsto ng mag aral.. (wink!)


  • my impression to her is..... eventhough we haven't talked and messaging each other yet here in friendster.... I find her very attractive and very pretty!!!! When i had the chance to browse her blog.... I also hind her very intresting coz I think we're going to jive together bcoz most of her topics there are all about LOVE..... Keep it up Girl!
  • personal favorite ko pa rin sina retchel and bryan. der lyk cass and uma (hu by d way are my favorite 2) sa PBB. hehehe. sobrang tuwa ko tlaga na retchel accepted d invitation.
  • pretty & simple
  • ah, the girl i hear alot about.... we'll see baby... we'll see...
  • i intanly recall mandy moore in "a walk(er) to remember, let's see what whe's all about... is she indeed the "sugar and spice. plus everything nice?"; all the best.
  • cute face..wondered why shes loveless..
  • whoa, pink! (nung makita yung friendster profile) >loves taking pictures with her videocam loves making friends thru friendster. (nakalagaykasi ang email sa profile eh)


  • wow! ds was my frst reaction. i think she's d friendliest in d group and may b d loudest 2. cya na cguro ang frst person dat i'd get close wid if we wer all in 1 room.
  • w0w! a girl who loves to watch drag racing! co0lness!
  • reminds me of dette, a long lost friend... i hope we can have the same closeness we had... (ops, don't put words into my mouth, i didn't say replace dette, what i mean is " i hope we can have a friendship and be close like that, but this time i hope it will endure)...
  • we're of the same age; we can have good vibes in the kitchen but for me it's less the baking...hehehe. i'll ask her to feed me her cakes (no puns intended); shall we talk of prospective business partnerships?
  • Drag racing-cool stuffs your into!!
  • loves taking pictures of herself and posting it in friendster and meeting new friends at friendster.
  • involved in a Drag Racing? cool huh?? tough girl!