Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Thursday, September 29, 2005 is now the official forum of PBB FG

This afternoon, the managements of PBB Fantasy Game and agreed to become partners. will serve as the official forum of PBB FG were the fans can discuss anything about the fantasy game and Pinoy Big Brother. PBB FG will serve as one the major promoter of PBB Fantasy Game and are both Pinoy Big Brother related sites. The former is a fantasy game of the top-rated reality show Pinoy Big Brother, while the latter is a forum created by a PBB fan dedicated to millions of PBB fanatics.

The is one of the very few forums dedicated to the popular reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother. Filipinos all over the world can come together and talk about their favourite TV show Pinoy Big Brother without being restricted in anyway. The administrators at the understands that everyone has the right to voice their opinions, and that's exactly what they are doing, giving the forumers the right to voice their opinions about Pinoy Big Brother and the Pinoy Big Brother housemates.

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