Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Monday, September 26, 2005

Neil on the PBB Fantasy Game and his FHs

The game so far...

"(It's) getting more instresting! i reali luv it."

On his fellow FHs

"... just ds mrning and i saw dat esti jst accepted (the) invitation. At least we wudnt hav 2 hear 4 d 2nd tym (as of now) dat sombody's quiting again lyk ana marie."

"in fariness naman kay ana marie, i think she intends 2 share her private lyf 2 close frends lng. som pipol r reali lyk dat. we jst hav 2 respect her decision. and i completely understand her coz i was hesitant at frst 2."

"Brian 4 me s d coolest dude sa bahay ni BIgBad Kuya. hehehe. he's got d most interestng lyf so far."

One big decision

"honestly, nagalit pa nga ako 4 nt consulting (me) frst coz i thot ur forum was 1 big comical version of abs-cbn's PBB. pero dati pa yun. main reason 4 d doubt was dat ul never knw kelan ka mababastos sa forum. ds may b d reason also y others hav nt made any feedback sa message mo. wat's wrng lng cguro s dat dey shud nt remain silent about it."

On FHs who havent replied yet to BB Kuya's invitation

"if dey wudnt want 2 b 1 of d housemates, den dey shud at least b brave enough 2 turn down d offer and nt let any1 remain hopeful na dey mayb instrestd 2. in d frst place, d housemates r nt being forced 2 b here. ana marie did d ryt thing bt i still encourage d others hu still hav nt replied 2 take d challenge and face reality."

BigBad Kuya

"hop 2 see (him) someday. hehehe."