Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Some of BigBad Kuya's message remains unread; some FMs seem ignoring the invitation
Eight of our Fantasy Housemates haven't replied to BigBad Kuya's message.
Four days ago, BB Kuya sent our 12 FMs an invitation on PBB Fantasy Game. Four of them had replied. Bryan, Neil and Jake had announced that they are willing to participate. However, Sheila is still undecided.
According to the respective Friendster accounts of our FMs:
  • Irish and Royalie haven't logged in for 5 and 7 days respectively
  • Gladys Ruth logged in 2 days ago
  • Esti and Retchel, 3 days ago, while
  • Anna Marie, Jay and Kiko, 24 hours ago

Irish and Royal haven't checked their Friendster accounts since BB Kuya sent the invitation. Gladys Ruth, Esti and Retchel might have checked their Friendster accounts already however they haven't opened their inbox. Or, like Sheila, they are still undecided. Anna Marie, Jay and Kiko, although they logged in just 24 hours ago perhaps for more than once then since the invitation was sent, they haven't replied yet. Are the 3 FMs ignoring BB Kuya?