Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Neil DJ's reaction

"nun una pa lang i doubt if Bryan would totally involve himself in this kind of we say in his context "mababaw" pursuits of life... too much less glamourous than rubbing elbows and noses (included) with his elite friends... cno ba naman nga tayong people who play "fantasy" "

"we'll i'm not sour graping but i dont mind him evicted... the housmates in this fantasy house without him as part of the exhibit can pull it off... with constant communication i'm learning that most of my housemates are beautiful people, much more than worth the picture and the blitz, plus the more important thing is the substance in between ears... grabe amazing talaga. kaya nga hindi ako naniniwala on first impressions until to stick your hand into the pudding it's anyone's imagination."

"basta sa ngayon, including the big bad kuya, i'm learning that there are a lot of people with beautiful minds. SAYA!"