Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Friday, October 14, 2005

DAY TEN - FHs answer the stupid, este, Esti, the ex-FH

Neil G on Esti

From d start, i felt dat he reali wasnt dat interestd bout ds game. He seems to hav his own world - a world apart from ours. SCHIZO - mahirap nga intindihin. no offense ha.

I dnt mind at all dat he's quitting. Im nt expressing my sadness lyk i did b4 wen bryan left. in fact, mas marami pa ngang iba hus lives r more interestng dan his. y was he chosen in d frst place? if random ang pagpili, den id undertand cguro.

i beliv though dat he did d ryt thng 2 quit and focus on wat he says r his priorities in lyf.

Bt den again GAME nga 2 di ba? meaning kautwaan! y does he hav 2 comapre ds 2 his family, frends, even God? at kaya nga PBB fantasy game kasi patternd out frm d real game of which d housemates r supposed 2 comply wid assignd tasks whether they lyk it or nt. Ds game wud b boring without d tasks dat he said were stupid. Keep an open mind, dude!

Game nga 2, i repeat. nothing 2 b serious about bt u hav 2 play it under d rules.

Im happy dat u quit. hindi kawalan sa group. lyk raquel (PBB housemate), di pinatakan ng luha wen evicted. parang hndi cya nawala at all. hndi naramdaman ang pagkawala. Peace, dude. Opinion ko lng 2. =D