Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Slammed in the Eye of the Storm

So what happens now? one of our VHM has quit, having felt stupid for his participation on this game. he's a naysayer that this VPBB would ever persist. i claim to disagree. i believe that things happen for a purpose. at the back of my mind, i also felt that: "boy, we've been slammed." and i continued to think- "would this post be another consumption of space?" a virtual junk? as i keep on pondering the things i do in the real world and the things i do here virtually, i foresee that this would never be. why? i have been a part of the interaction with other VHMs that catalyzed the leveling of minds, reflective of society, contrary to the ordinary things we see in our everyday lives. it led me to a conclusion that we have lost the voice of this young adult generation, suppressed by the rantings of the few who attempt to project that they are the majority, silenced by the cry of poverty of those people in the streets and lobotomized by the creeping trend of apathy.

this vpbb sets this voice on a level of critical thinking, a heed to a call for open-minds. On my view it is the very suspense of non-expectation from these so-called "virtual people" who on a day to day basis, i discover that they neither lacked substance nor potential to improve this world in general. it is revealed to me that most of us agree to a common goal: we simply want to make a difference in our lives.

on the lighter side, the VPPB brings the simple joys of being human:
- on friendships, flirtations and the flowering of love...
- on conversations, conveyance and to transcedence...
- on relaxation, reflections and rebirth of the soul...

all contributory factors to the SIGNIFICANT HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

i stand for this game , because we participants have the power to transform the things from virtual trash to something more significant, a beacon of hope for one's self set to spread from one person to another.

alter ego:

should things be meaningless? or should we be the one to discover the meanings of things? better if we make these things meaningful. only we ourselves know where we stand.

a point of reflection.
what does this virtual PBB hope to achieve?
i have seen, felt , and tasted...
a plethora of beautiful minds,
a saturation of an opinion,
a discourse for action,
and the penultimate, to be an instrument in effectively changing the world for the better!