Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Thursday, October 20, 2005

2 NEILs on the evicted virtual housemate

"yung oppurtunity na makilala siya wala na"

malungkot [na na-evict si Jay] kse ur letting go of a person na hindi mo masyado naka-jamming. yun opportunity na makilala mo siya wala na.... sayang.

pero ganun naman talaga, you win some you lose some... depende sa "values" system if the person you are letting go is near to your heart... it may hurt at the beginning, but eventually you let go, and live the beautiful memories... capitalize on these memories to look forward to the things coming ahead.

to kuya jay, i wish you all the best and your family...we'll miss you. please do take care or your family and 2sexytaries very well...hehehehe

thank you dun sa nag-vote to save sa akin... i'm touched. salamat ng marami.

"i felt reali bad... ...we didnt hav a choice bt 2 do it"

d nomination was reali hard on my part coz we wer voting som1 to b out buti sana kng we wer voting 4 som1 to win. i felt reali bad about it coz we didnt hav a choice bt 2 do it.

im nt d ryt person to judge jay on his personality though i think he's a good father 2 his kids and loving husband 2 his wife. i guess d housemates voted 4 him 2 b evicted 4 nt complying wid d frst task and 4 nt communicating. its shows naman na pare-pareho mga comments... stil nothng against his personality. i cannot say if im feeling sad dat he had been evicted coz we hav nt been dat close sa game naman. i havnt gotten 2 know him well either.

2 jay, life still goes on 4 u. u hav ur wife, kids and work dat needs ur attention. u may b saying gud bye to us nw bt it does nt necessarily mean u hav 2 let go of d frendship, ryt? gud luck, dude. =D