Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game

Sunday, October 23, 2005

DAY NINETEEN - Neil TG shares his connections with other virtual housemates

ever since i've been active with the vpbb it's been part of my daily circulation to connect with the people in it. amazingly we click. i don't know if it's sound conceited or egoistic, but if indeed we are cast as the actual hms in pbb, i think pbb would be at a higher level

since our getting to know stage, i have been revealed with several facts on my vhms, which i find most of us have this gray matter... we're some kind of an intellectual bunch.

now let me present you a summary on how well our friendship is currently developing --->

trish - the first time we heard each other's voicessa phone i was amazed, ganda kse ng voice nya sa phone... very jolly. i bet she's one hell of a social coordiantor of the group...mahilig mangulit, but the healthy type... she makes sure you're connected

inan - well, jive na jive kme in terms of the discussions, kulitan, and ideas... cool... but he has this knack of a habit na biglang nag didisappear...but since we know he's the family bread winner i do understand kse it means racket yun.

neil g - we talk yeah, we're getting personal. dami rin common denominators... he even cited na kakaunti lang daw yun tao na nakaka appreciate ng kanyang field na architecture. he's a friend who i anticipate we party with. cool dude, vain like me.

retchel - she's sweet, makulit din sa text... sobra... we are personal now.

ate shiela - wow, kakagulat tong babaeng to, kse first time kme nagusap sa phone we lasted til past three in the morning... dmai naming mga topics na na cover... student life, time gaps, kids of today and yesterday etc.

jophe - we'll advice advice, communications about personal lives...

mica - c mica, we text and text and text... funny girl kse she's all way form dagupan but she'll meet us plus bigla na lang cya nagmimiscall

oher housmates - i bet we can still connect... cgro they're just too busy. i have to admit though that this vpbb has turned into some routine to me... before i start my work, and just beofre i got home , i make it to a poitn i check for updates... who can blame me... with these kind of housemates around? who cant resist? hehehe