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Thursday, October 20, 2005

"it's sad to see him go," Inan

it's sad to see him go, but hypocricy is never in my vocabulary... so i won't be supporting that statement any further... we have no contact whatsoever, so my opinion is limited to his inactivity... anyhow, let me take the opportunity to air out some sentiments -- i have been very fervent in apologizing to someone, even to the point of subjecting myself to a task that is quite difficult just to make ammends about some slip of trust... god knows i tried everything to rectify the situation... i got comforted by an acceptance of apology... but after seeing the tally of votes, i was shocked albeit somewhat expectant of such a scenario... probably the bottomline is this: to the person who voted for me, if you don't feel really ok about it -- tell me... don't go over telling everybody that you are ok with it already, but still hold grudges deep inside... you even told me to message you still after all this, i thought you were really ok -- probably part of your insincerity... for this, i think i've done my part, and it would be a waste of time to continue apologizing... if you still feel that i'm a bad person, then it's not my problem anymore since my conscience tells me otherwise... i would like to caution hm's from being fooled by such sweetness and show of kindness which will be retalliated by a stab at the back...